Why Kick Ass Costumes Are Kickass Costumes

Offbeat Gen Y action flick Kick Ass, has started a whole new trend in Kickass Costumes, like the Cover Hit Girl Costume, a popular choice for both Halloween and beyond. To be sure, superhero costumes are always a staple at costume shops, but the anti-hero aspects of Kickass Costumes make them a fun and an unexpected choice and will most certainly make the wearer the talk of any party they attend. What’s more, wearing the sexy Cover Hit Girl Costume will make any woman the object of every man’s desire. Kick Ass costumes are sure to make you look great, become a kickass superhero and stand out from the rest.

After the release of the anti-hero superhero movie Kick Ass, costumes officially licensed by the movie’s studio have become very popular with the twenty and thirty-something set. Even teenagers are finding these costumes appealing and choose to wear them.Homemade knockoff varieties are also made by hipster parents, determined to dress their kids up as characters from the film, when costumes in children sizes are not available.

The two most popular designs of Kickass Costumes are the Cover Hit Girl costume and the Kick Ass costume worn by the title hero. The costume of Kick Ass is a body hugging, bright green costume, with bright yellow stripes running along it, it was actually designed by the character, according to the story. There are also the Kick Ass mask and gloves to finish the Kickass Costume. As for the Cover Hit Girl costume, this vampy getup has a naughty schoolgirl vibe mixed with classic superhero elements. Head to toe, the Cover Girl Hit costume is made up of a purple wig, black eye mask, short jacket, cape, plaid skirt, belt complete with her insignia and Hit Girl gloves.

Now, if you’re not interested in shelling out the money to buy one of the officially licensed Kickass Costumes, you can always opt to make one yourself. A talented crafter or seamstress can make a believable replica, all that’s needed is a sewing machine, a bit of fabric and a lot of creativity. Of course, not everyone has the time or the desire to execute a costume, no matter how easy one of these Kickass Costumes is to make.Due to the immense popularity of Kickass costumes, there are plenty available in the market with a lot of variety to choose from.

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