What do i need inorder to make my own mafiosa (gangster) costume?

I need to make my own or come up with my own mafiosa gangster girl costume….any tips or ideas on what I might need? thanks!

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  • roxursoxoff05 says:

    we’re going to be the exact same thing for halloween! LoL…anyway…for my costume itself, i have: high-waisted pinstripe pants, a white button-up collared shirt with the (sleeves rolled up to my elbows), black suspenders, red tie, black platform pumps, and a black fedora hat.

    everything is fitted to make it sexy, without being slutty. and to top it off, make sure you have a cigar in hand…as well as a toy gun , like a tommy gun or a hand pistol.

    as for makeup, my eyes will be smokey, and depending on how i feel i might do some red lipstick. my nails will be short & black.

    my hair will be in wavy, loose curls under my hat, and my hat will be tilted over my right eye.

    anyway…that’s basically it for my costume—i made sure to buy stuff i could wear again, so that i’m not wasting my money, LoL.

    have fun & good luck!

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