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Wanna be a pirate for Halloween? Tips for boys and girls on creating an authentic pirate costume

When the pirates of Bluebeard’s time weren’t gathering booty from His or Her Majesty’s ships, plundering riches from every nation’s fleet, they were flaunting their riches and making merry in Caribbean seaports where other nations dared not intrude. The pirates dressed in a manner reflecting their disdain for the ordinary law-abiding people, making law as they went along, frequently stealing from one another as possible and getting into sword fights, sometimes losing eyes and even legs in these battles. When piracy was finally – for the most part – brought to an ignominious end, over a couple of centuries, the less admirable qualities of pirates faded in memory, to be replaced with a sort of romanticism of colorful, adventurous individuals which still lives on today. Halloween is the perfect occasion on which kids can dress up in an authentic pirate costume. 

Truly speaking female pirates costume are always in scarce as lots of women in the neighborhood and around wish to dress up like a pirate women showering romantic feelings. 

One of the facts of men and women pirate costumes is that they are always splashy. Let us have a look on some of the common things of women and men pirates’ costume. Let me start with the tri-cornered hat, typically black that always agreed the sign of the crossbones and skull. Also, the hats of women were highly decorated with long feathers/feather leaving those traditional ribbons than men. Moreover, the ordinary pirate crew members agreed to rely upon the scarves and bandannas instead of hats that were worn by their officers at large. 

All you boys and girls need a sword and a pair of swashbuckling boots. Feel free to  enhance that plastic sword with a row of jewels, fastened with a little glue. The flashier the better! 
Now, for some of the subtler differences between girl’s and boy’s authentic pirate costumes: boys need an eye patch, demonstrating their experience in battles at sea. 

If you’re a girl, every authentic pirate costume should show that feminine side – lots of lace, brighter colors, striped off the shoulder tees, fancy jeweled belts and more elaborate hats and jackets, heavy on the lace and decorative accessories. By all means, add plenty of bangles, necklaces and outrageous earrings! 

A pirate men has to dress up like a man who has worn common tunic or wobbly shirt  with left hanging outside long breeches, and a simply cut vest affording choice of movement on the high seas. On the other side women are dressed up with tight garments to show their figure. Moreover, a man’s tunic shirt and simply cut vest are being replaced for fixed bodice and vest. 

Above all, the genuine pirate costumes are always less expensive and more pretty to rock the entire fun of your Halloween evening.

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