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Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes are probably my favorite part of the Halloween holiday. I enjoy a good deal of make believe, and I love seeing what costumes people wear, and I especially love when it is something new and unexpected. In my opinion, the top Halloween costumes should have that degree of surprise. The ideal response should be something like, “I wish I had thought of that”. So then, here are my tips to coming up with the top Halloween costumes for your Halloween party this year. 

The best way to ensure that you have one of the top Halloween costumes is to avoid, at all costs, the top Halloween costumes from last year. As cool as some of those costumes might have been, they are not cool any more, and certainly not in the top Halloween costumes catagory. I especially mean it for all of those Amy Winehouse and pirate costumes out there. 

So what are the best Halloween costumes this year? Practically speaking, for different people different costumes are going to be top for this year and hence each social group is not going to agree with one specific costume idea. So the best thing to do this year is to wear something that is going to be acceptable by your social group or family with whom you are going to celebrate the entire evening.  

It might be difficult for you to decide this year’s best Halloween costume without looking back into the past. Anyways, you can go deep into the past for some 10 years before and get the idea of pirate costumes for this year. Earlier for some years pirates were getting some little importance but now it is considered as the top chart costume of the Halloween. For making something special this year you have to break down your brains into many questions like, “Are vampires the next pirates?” or “Women are no more going to dress like a hottie in their sexy pirate costumes?” etc. 

Furthermore, you should not be so worried about the top Halloween costumes in general, but what would be your top Halloween costume. Everyone is different and no one can “pull off” everything. The guy that can dress up as a great vampire might make an awful gorilla. They key is to know your own strengths and weaknesses – and most of all, picking a costume that you really like. There truly is no better costume idea than that.

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