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For me, none holiday is as favorite as Halloween. It is because the weather is cool, leaves turn and it is the end of the summer. And I expect the autumn especially for the Halloween. Every year, I leave no stone unturned to make the best Halloween ever before. It has grown me an expert in this. Hence, if you are intended to make your Halloween as the best one ever, follow some of my tricks and tips and surely you will kick off the Halloween as the best one and in a successful manner.   

There are four qualities of the best Halloween possible ever. First of all, the superb jack-o-lanterns and other spooky décor, we should take into consideration. That is what I know why both my mom and aunt used to create a thematic atmosphere in the holidays with this as their favorite was probably Halloween too. They engaged in picking out pumpkins, carving them and toasting the pumpkin seeds the whole day. I recall how after draping the “spider-webs” everywhere, they successfully ended up with cackling witch decorations! 

Treats is the next quality that make the best Halloween ever. Candies, the essential ingredient of the good times, are useful at this time also especially for the young children, dressed in Halloween costumes. However, several adults having vicious sweet teeth can have ample of candy immediately available for my best Halloween ever.     

Of course, treats are not just sugary confections. In many circles, a round of festive alcoholic beverages are just the “treats” you need for the best Halloween ever. Playing on the holiday themes, drink names such as witches’ brew, goblin juice and many others are just some of the examples of fun with names, themes, and, of course, adult drinks. 

Finally, the most important quality for the best Halloween ever is the Halloween costume. Don’t even bother trying to celebrate Halloween in jeans and a sweatshirt. Whether you are trick-or-treating door-to-door or going to a party, whether you are six, sixteen, thirty-six or sixty-six years old, everyone should dress up as something for Halloween. And no, a costume is a costume, not just jeans and a sweatshirt and a cop-out. Dressing up as a vampire or witch, ghost or monster takes virtually no time at all, while costing very little money. There really is no excuse not to dress up at Halloween. 

These key ingredients as a whole make the best Halloween ever, at least my best Halloween ever. In fact, yours may be somewhat different best Halloween ever, but my tricks and tips, if followed, would certainly make a great holiday ahead.

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