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Looking For A Sexy Halloween Costume? Try Adult Fairy Costumes!

When we’re kids, we see fairies as mythical, magical creatures, capable of granting wishes.When we grow up, it’s not quite so innocent, especially not for men. Adult fairy costumes can conjure up a whole new image and fantasy, especially if the woman’s costume is a sexy one.If you’re a woman looking for adult fair costumes to get men’s hearts and libidos all aflutter, there are a few places to look and a few simple guidelines to follow.

Your imagination is the only limit and how daring you can be in your fantasy getup. A sexy dominatrix who, cannot grant wishes but makes them, can be created just by wearing scandalous thigh high boots, torn up black wings and a patent leather boostier and whip. A bright red laced up outfit can also be worn, to remove the angelic look of the fairy and add some spice to the costume. No doubt the traditional all white fairy attire is equally alluring and sweet if you want to avoid the bright colors and bolder approach.A combination of big hair, high heels and a sexy pout together with your all white costume are enough to make it look glamorous.

To make your adult fairy costume a success, how much into character you can get plays a vital part and how comfortable you are in the costume itself. Weather you want to be a winged wish maker, or a sexy trouble maker all depends upon your own confidence level and how convincingly you can play either role comfortably. You might be better off playing it safe, if you are not comfortable in fishnet stockings and six inch heels.

Adult fairy costumes are no doubt extremely enchanting and easily become the object of men’s desire, so this is something you should be prepared for if you choose to wear them.Its your choice what you choose to do or how you proceed after choosing your costume. For a lot of women, the bedroom is the only place for an adult fairy costume. The more bolder and adventurous women however may wear their alluring adult fairy costumes, with pride and even exhibitionism at friend’s Halloween parties and other more raucous celebrations. In the end, the main purpose is to be whimsical and adventurous and get swept away by the sense of daring regardless of whether the adult fairy costume is worn in the privacy of the bedroom, or even out for the world to see.Be daring and exciting, and most importantly, have fun with it!.

Here’s a website that will provide Fairy Costumes and women faerie costumes

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Why Kick Ass Costumes Are Kickass Costumes

Offbeat Gen Y action flick Kick Ass, has started a whole new trend in Kickass Costumes, like the Cover Hit Girl Costume, a popular choice for both Halloween and beyond. To be sure, superhero costumes are always a staple at costume shops, but the anti-hero aspects of Kickass Costumes make them a fun and an unexpected choice and will most certainly make the wearer the talk of any party they attend. What’s more, wearing the sexy Cover Hit Girl Costume will make any woman the object of every man’s desire. Kick Ass costumes are sure to make you look great, become a kickass superhero and stand out from the rest.

After the release of the anti-hero superhero movie Kick Ass, costumes officially licensed by the movie’s studio have become very popular with the twenty and thirty-something set. Even teenagers are finding these costumes appealing and choose to wear them.Homemade knockoff varieties are also made by hipster parents, determined to dress their kids up as characters from the film, when costumes in children sizes are not available.

The two most popular designs of Kickass Costumes are the Cover Hit Girl costume and the Kick Ass costume worn by the title hero. The costume of Kick Ass is a body hugging, bright green costume, with bright yellow stripes running along it, it was actually designed by the character, according to the story. There are also the Kick Ass mask and gloves to finish the Kickass Costume. As for the Cover Hit Girl costume, this vampy getup has a naughty schoolgirl vibe mixed with classic superhero elements. Head to toe, the Cover Girl Hit costume is made up of a purple wig, black eye mask, short jacket, cape, plaid skirt, belt complete with her insignia and Hit Girl gloves.

Now, if you’re not interested in shelling out the money to buy one of the officially licensed Kickass Costumes, you can always opt to make one yourself. A talented crafter or seamstress can make a believable replica, all that’s needed is a sewing machine, a bit of fabric and a lot of creativity. Of course, not everyone has the time or the desire to execute a costume, no matter how easy one of these Kickass Costumes is to make.Due to the immense popularity of Kickass costumes, there are plenty available in the market with a lot of variety to choose from.

Here’s a website that will give you more details on Kickass costume and Hit Girl Costumes

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COTD- Gangsta girl costume [Plus out takes and bad dancing]

This is my outfit of the day….or costume of the day! Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Comment below if you would like to see more costumes of the day! And dont forget to check out the real Shy Ronnie:

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Aspects of an Authentic Sailor Moon Costume

Japan has made its mark in the world of entertainment via anime movies, manga adaptations and the like. Mangakas, or Japanese cartoon artists as they are known in the west, created the stories and drew the characters. Most of the best cartoons that we love like Pokemon and Doraemon are created first as comics by Japanese mangakas. One anime that appeals to young girls in particular is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is a fantasy series that everyone watches for various reasons. A young girl in a sailor outfit is the main heroine. This get-up is not widely seen in other regions, but in Japan, most school girls look like this. The characters of Sailor Moon are mostly magic users. Anyone who likes Japanese art and fashion would love Sailor Moon.

That girls love to costume play as Sailor Moon is not surprising. Not only will a girl love the ensemble, she can also roleplay as her favorite Sailor Moon character.

What Are the Elements of a Sailor Moon Costume?

Start with a white blouse with a sailor collar. A short skirt should match the color of the upper garment. As for the length of the skirt, it should reach the spot just above the knee. The skirt’s length is crucial to the Sailor Moon outfit because you have to show off your boots. Knee high boots are recommended but those who don’t have boots can wear socks that reach the knees and a similarly colored pair of shoes.

The sailor moon hairstyle should also be considered in the ensemble. Although a woman need not have long hair to re-create the now-famous Sailor Moon hair-do, to pony tails on both sides of the head are recommended.

Chibi Moon Variation

If you want to prettify the Sailor Moon outfit, you can go for the Sailor Chibi Moon look. Chibi moon is a character in Sailor Moon, and her costume is as flashy as her personality. The best part of choosing a chibi moon costume is that you can wear as many accessories as you want. If you’re costume playing as chibi moon, you can cut out hearts and stars as accents.

Visit this website for more Sailormoon Costumes and Sailor Chibi Moon Costume

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Make a Splash with the Skirtini

The skirtini is making waves and it’s no wonder seeing as how it supplies a woman some coverage while still making it possible for her to look flirty and feminine! A skirtini is a sweet swimsuit which has a tankini at the top but has a skirted bottom. That means a lot more coverage than a regular bikini but much more playful!

The Skirtini is for Gals of All Shapes and Sizes

No matter what size or shape you are the skirtini will seem fantastic on you. It may even help you to appear better as you can complement your body in the places you think look good while hiding imperfections. No matter what your tastes are – a girl next door look, alluring, modest or flirty and fun – there is a skirtini for you. The return of the swim dress is what led to the popularity of the skirtini. These are in essence a throwback to a more glamorous time when women like Marilyn Monroe were at the height of fashion. A skirtini was among her preferred outfits and the pictures of her in one can still get a guy’s imagination going even today.

Versatility That Is Gorgeous

The best thing of all about the skirtini is its versatility. By having 2 parts you may have a skirtini which really showcases your bust and conceals your bottom half if that is your desire, or you may choose a style which has a ruffled or detailed bottom to truly showcase your bottom and legs. If you wish to focus the attention away from your bust region then chose a tamer skirtini top piece. In order to completely cover your stomach region than you will wish to pick a skirtini top and a skirtini bottom that fully meets at the center which provides complete coverage for your stomach. Because the top and bottom are separate pieces, the great thing is, you might also draw the top up a lttle bit whenever you are lying on the beach and trying to get a tan.

Stay Covered – Seem Alluring

The skirtini truly is quite flattering to any body size, shape and age making it one of the most versatile swimsuits you can purchase. You might seem alluring while still being as covered as you wish to be or you may go with a design that is all about flirty, sexy fun. The choices are so vast that you’ll have trouble choosing only 1!

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