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Best Mafia Halloween Costumes



Sexy Flapper Costume
Adult Womens Flapper Costume

Are you searching for that bold and savvy halloween costume?

Mafia Halloween costumes attract attention even if it seems to be simple attire. Who could ever resist the unapologetic depth and personality of Vito Corleone as The Godfather? If you’re thinking of any other outfit to keep your friends stunned this Halloween, it’s got to be a Mafia costume. These gangsters, mobsters, and mafia men have been immortalized in movies and TV series such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, Public Enemies, The Sopranos, Scarface, Casino, The Untouchables, and Bonnie and Clyde.


Don’t even have second thoughts if you plan to go to a Halloween costume party as a Mafia boss, the reception is almost certain. Multitude of guys in costumes would float around in their comical or colorful outfits, but the animation on these will soon die down. On the other hand, everyone else shifts their stares at you, a person with substantial importance and respect, a commanding presence unequaled like the Don Corleone.

Kids Mafia Costume
Kids Big Bruiser Mafia Costume

There are many ways to dress up as the boss of a Mafia organization. Though the clothing can easily be obtained, you still need to carry the attitude of a “Cosa Nostra” chief in a social gathering. You have to breathe in the way a mob member would breathe.

If you’re serious to don a Mafia Halloween costume, here are some ideas for starters:

Vito Corleone from The Godfather

The mafia outfits from “The Godfather” need to be on top of your list. This is no secret, for “The Godfather” is the ‘godfather of all mafia movies’.

Sexy Mafia Costume
Sexy Adult Mafia Gangster Costume

For a strong, intimidating costume of choice, go for Don Vito Corleone’s look of black tuxedo and black tie. Make sure to have a red rose in the jacket’s front left pocket. Don’t forget this detail for this is the most recognized symbol of the elder Corleone. Wear designer dress shoes, if at all possible, new, shiny, and without a scratch. Don Vito was immaculately dressed from head to toe the whole time, which really commanded respect from everyone.

You should have a stern look in your face when you wear this Mafia costume, like a look as if you’re constantly planning or plotting something. Marlon Brando was said to have characterized this as the “bulldog shot in the neck”. You should be able to deliver some famous lines of Don Vito to capture the Mafia character even more.

Tony Montana as Scarface

If you want to blow away your friends on Halloween just before they blew you away with their outfits, wear the Scarface gangster costume for Halloween. You’ll definitely make a mark as the Cuban immigrant Tony Montana.

Tony Montana Scarface Costume
Men’s Tony Montana Scarface Costume

Wear the trademark white jacket and white elasticized trousers. The character wears a burgundy shirt that has a long 70′s collar and sunglasses. Make sure to unbutton the top of your shirt, wide open enough to show the 3 to 5 gold chains around your neck.

Scarface was notorious with the bowl like hair cut and choppy short bangs. Comb your hair down and then apply a gel so you’ll have that ‘dealer’ look. By using reddish-brown eyeliner, draw a jagged line (about 2 inches) at the center of your left cheek to create the “scar”. Begin at the middle of the cheekbone and then go slightly down towards the ear. Grab a prop rifle from a toy stores and there you go.

Donnie Brasco

If you want to wear a toned down mob costume, you can dress up as the mafia infiltrator Donnie Brasco. Wear a 70′s style men’s reddish brown leather jacket with wide lapels, coordinated black trousers, and black shoes.

Comb your hair back (apply some gel) and then complete your look with some black Ray Ban sunglasses. Donnie Brasco’s the understated mafia, the mid-level wise guy who’s making a living and not necessarily running the world.

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Easy Halloween Costumes

Hmmm so what do you do when you suddenly remember a Halloween invitation and have no preparations of costumes and accessories? You won’t believe but hundreds of people face this same problem and still they easily manage to dress up like a perfect during the party. You are too are welcome here buddy for making your Halloween amazing and amusing! 

The very definition of an easy Halloween costume is one that isn’t going to cost a lot of money or cause a lot of stress. This could be a simple as going as yourself by wearing what you would wear on a typical night at home. “Who are you supposed to be?” you’ll be asked to which you can reply, “I’m me.” If you’re the type of guy who never dresses up then dusting off your suit and wearing that would be a great surprise. Or perhaps you’ve been a bridesmaid and were forced to wear a hideous dress. That would be a laughable and easy Halloween costume provided the bride won’t be at the party! 

Among the other easy Halloween costumes is your perennial sheet-over-the-head-ghost. You can opt for the classic white sheet ghost but think outside of the box. A purple sheet could mean you’re Prince’s ghost. A floral printed sheet could mean you’re a flamboyant ghost. You can be an eco-friendly ghost with a green sheet or ghost of your childhood past with a superhero printed sheet. Of course you can use that same sheet theme and with a little readjustment use it as a toga. Anybody remember toga parties?  How many sheets were ruined for those?! 

One of the other Halloween costume idea for celebrating your sudden party is always found in your spouse’s closet. Yup you can raid her closet and get all the different looking clothes of silk and bizarre to wear in the Halloween party. I must say you can create some great costumes out of it. 

You can also use a black t-shirt as a blank canvas to create an easy Halloween costume. Try hot gluing empty plastic bottles to the shirt and go as your recycle bin. Or duct tape your newspapers for the same affect. You could put an empty moving box over your head and go as an empty moving box. Are you sensing the pattern here? 

So even if you are not having time for going for the above last minute options then the best thing is to wear the last minute slap of the costume. The last minute slap of the costume means the last minute costume that you are able to grab before the party starts. I am sure that you are not going to win the contest but for sure you are going to make more fun for enjoying the party in an unaffordable way! For sure some people who are wearing the expensive costumes might have to return them back after the party with the charge but you are easily going to dump in into a bin without worrying about dollars!

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Buy Halloween Costumes

Most of the children and adults like Halloween. Indeed, it is the day that allows you to become whoever you yearning for. Although, you cannot turn into a monster or gain any superpower in reality, the October 31st is the joyful and wonderful night for you because of tricks and treats. The Halloween night is merely of fun and delight. That is why you should make all attempts to make this single day out of 365 days as best as you can. In the other words, you should buy Halloween costumes that befit you and meet your interests. This will pave your way for an exciting spooky night.   

What you have planned for the All Hallows Eve? Are you like the teenagers that would hit up the downtown region and be among your peers? Probably trick-or-treating is the subject of your interest. In this case, you may be intended to buy such a Halloween costume that will frighten the other small children and you can have the best costume on the block. And if you are a parent, you would like to be indulged in serious decorations and enjoy shopping around on October 31st with your kids. And why should you rush for just the local drugstores and department stores? Won’t you like to see what is online and avoid the hubbub? 

Nowadays, there are a number of ways to buy online Halloween costumes. I mean to say that there are so many online distributors that provide customers distinctive varieties of costumes for infants, toddlers, small children, teenagers, and adults as well. Yes, everyone is considered for the Halloween shopping. Some good websites like,, and are devoted to serve the customers the best Halloween costumes. These sites have a lot of nicest getups to browse which, you need to spend hours together. Here the key factor is to have your eye on the variety of costumes and pick up your choice.     

It does not matter if you are trying to be a werewolf, ghost, superhero, monster, vampire, ghoul, witch, princess, or mass murderer from a horror film, you can buy Halloween costumes online that fit your needs and preferences. The reality is that there are so many more options online than there are in stores these days. However, this does not mean that you should not try a few Halloween costumes on in person before purchasing one. This is always a good habit to get into. This way if you discover the ideal costume, you can always take a peek online in order to see if it is less expensive through an online distributor. You get the best of both worlds.

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Clever Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Across the United States, people wait for two festivals- one is Christmas and the other is Halloween evening! Yes, Halloween is celebrated with great enthusiasm across America and people really cheer out to enjoy this amazing holiday vacation. The best thing about this festival is that anyone can enjoy this festival from an infant to any old person. Halloween is lively celebrated wearing different scary and funny costumes. Well, are you having some great ideas for this Halloween? Here are some of the beautiful tips for getting in touch with different Halloween costumes.  

Let me tell you one thing very frankly, finding great Halloween costume ideas is really not easy and quick for anyone. It is both simple and difficult to get in touch with amazing ideas of Halloween costumes; I will explain it how and why! Well it is simple and easy because of the amazing online sites that have thousands of Halloween costumes and great collection for people with varying costs and styles. This is actually what makes easy and simple for people during Halloween weeks.  

Secondly, it is not so easy to find great Halloween costumes on these sites as it requires good time and efforts from your side. Earlier we used to roam around different local stores and marts to find the right Halloween costume that has price in our budget etc and surfing online also requires some amount of time from the person for choosing the best site and best costume in order to look unique on the Halloween evening. Hence, it is said that it is both easy and difficult to find best Halloween costume ideas. 

Therefore I said earlier that finding great Halloween costume is related to ample amount of creativity as you have to search bigger and better! Finding right Halloween costume is possible only by combining your different thoughts for Halloween theme. It is not about money every time as sometimes even good money cannot make you buy a creative costume if you are bad on thoughts and shopping! So, try to combine different themes of Halloween costumes for getting a more good idea. For an e.g. you can combine the most popular costume of pirate with a doctor to get an unique look over costume idea!  

You have to welcome the Halloween party of this year either with a thought of an ordinary popular Halloween costumes that can be funny and scary or you can bring inside more creativity to last your Halloween evening with precious compliments! Good luck for your Halloween eve!

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Affordable pirate costumes for Halloween

There is no doubt that pirate costumes have been a first choice in the Halloween since ten years, but now the time has come to stop that and try some other costumes for the change. Actually, the pirate costumes are overkilling and should be kept aside now and opt for the other ones. Obviously, some times before one or two pirate costumes would bring a success to the party. I recall how seeing a pirate at a Halloween would make me to utter as ‘cool’. But it was the last year when I saw at least two dozen various pirates which made me think that as a ‘lame costume’. Indeed, for the worst costume at the Halloween party, there is nothing better than some pirate costumes! 

All right it is a little hard on pirate costumes and I agree that the female pirate costumes are really cool ones. However, going for some other option is a good idea for a good Halloween costume instead of picking the pirate costume.  

Nonetheless, if you stick to go for a pirate getup, here are some suggestions to make it less odious. Firstly, bear it in your mind that wearing an eye patch and talking with an argh wouldn’t make you an exact pirate. Putting in some efforts would certainly help you to get a good pirate look. Indeed, dressing up a pirate requires avoiding going over board either. Besides this, it would be over-committing to your pirate costume to employ some months ahead for allowing your facial hair grow in order to have a real goatee-look and complete with beads! It sounds a little much, isn’t it? 

At this point you might be thinking about what the next pirate costumes might be. In other words, if pirates are the old fad then what is the new one? Here are some possible costumes that will eclipse pirate costumes in popularity. For men, I have targeted a couple of different men’s costumes ideas that could catch fire over the next few years. 

First of all, I think the fighter pilot costume is a good one. It has a certain coolness to it and plenty of potential references to Top Gun. Another good possibility is Sherlock Holmes or other detective characters. Finally, consider nautical themes such as sailors or fishermen. 
To conclude, if you are picking the pirate costume, think about the abovementioned things. Trying too hard or too little won’t be feasible for the pirate costumes. However, you should not go the pirate costume trend due to their unoriginality and lameness.

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