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Denix Tommy Gun NonFiring Replica Thompson Gangster Prop Costume Submachine NonFiring replica perfect for Boardwalk Empire parties / Halloween costumes. #22-1092 Costume accessory for 1920s gangster. Film / stage / theater prop, display gun, or toy gun. Weight: 9 lbs, 12 oz.

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Gangster Halloween Costumes | Crime Never Looked So Good!

Gangster Halloween Costumes More and more people have wanted a unique costume for them to wear this Halloween. There have been so many new costume ideas that are coming out in the market and one of which is as a Gangster. If you want to ride on with the mob, here is what you need to create a Halloween Gangster Costumes for both men and women For Males: – Top Hat – Black / striped Business Suit – Gun (toy gun) – Shiny Shoes It is easier to find men’s gangster costume. You might just have a problem finding the guns. Notice to the minor readers, DO NOT use real guns but TOY GUNS ONLY. Do not forget the shiny shoes. This is what people usually forget. You polish your leather shoes like brand new. Gangsters in the movie never look untidy. Another tip: add a mustache. You could ask your girlfriend to make you a real nice sinister-looking mustache; or you could use those bought in the costume stores. For Ladies: – Black Sexy Dress – Scissors – Toy Gun – Black / White (or combination of both colors) high heels sandals – Leg holster Ladies can always be sexy with a gangster costume. Just remember to keep your entire ensemble into a black and white motif. To appreciate the gangster costume, wear a leg holster in your mid thigh and use the scissors to cut a slit into your dress. That would surely be sexy. Guys would be drooling over your exposed thigh. Too bad if you’re with your boyfriend, though. You will surely have a glaring pair of eyes directed at you

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Female Gangster Costume – Female Gangster Costume Ideas for Halloween or 1920s themed parties!

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Zombie Gangster Costume from UKPartyWarehouse – Zombie Gangster Fancy Dress Costume from UKPartyWarehouse

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Gangster Girl Costume

Buy Now The Gangster Girl costume includes a pinstriped print, suspender dress with faux pockets and chain accent. Hat, gloves, and stockings not included. • Fabric: 97% POLYESTER 3% SPANDEX • Brand: Leg Avenue

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Gangster to Flapper Reversible Costume

Buy Now Go from pistol packing cutie to flapper beauty! The five-piece, reversible From Gangster to Gorgeous costume includes a quick change, double layer, strapless, microfiber dress that goes from gangster to flapper in under 30 seconds. Includes neck tie with $ applique, sequin flower headband that can be worn on head or hat, fedora hat that turns into a purse, removable beaded bow pin and cigarette holder and removable, adjustable shoulder straps. Boa not included. • Fabric: Dress 90/10 poly spdx (knit), necktie 100% poly (woven), hat 100% poly, bow pin 90/10 poly/iron (knit) • Brand: Dreamgirl

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Sexy Mafia Girl Gangster Halloween Costume Dress 2011 from

You can purchase this costume at: Leg Avenue 83852 This sexy Mafia Princess costume includes a pinstriped dress with faux belt detail and tie collar with dollar sign pin. Show them you are not afraid of anything in this sexy mafia costume. Become a fan on Facebook – ref=ts

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Gangster Costumes For Men – Do you want to dress up as a gangster this Halloween and look realistic? Here are some tips that can help you to choose the right gangster costume for you. The History Some knowledge of history never hurt anyone. Before you dress up as a gangster, you may want to get an idea of what they actually are, so you can play the part in a more realistic manner. Back at the height of the Prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s, gangsters led a movement of organized crime and selling of goods that were considered illegal in those times. The syndicates were established in some of the major cities of the United States, including Chicago and New York. In those times, gangsters were some of the best dressed people in society. Some of the most popular gangsters include Bugsy Malone and Al Capone. The Gangster Outfit The pinstripe suit screams classic gangster. Pick a double-breasted pinstripe suit that is either dark gray or black with stripes that are white or light gray. The suit should be fitted and suited to your body. For men, pinstripe pants will work; for women, it is better to get a tight pinstripe pencil skirt instead. Under the suit, wear a button-down dress. Choose one made of either cotton or silk, in either purple or black. Next, wear a matching tie with a similar fabric. For the shoes, black wingtips made of leather are ideal for men, while black pumps are best for women. Finally, complete the gangster costume with a felt fedora hat, in either classic black or

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