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Gangster Halloween Costumes | Crime Never Looked So Good!

Gangster Halloween Costumes More and more people have wanted a unique costume for them to wear this Halloween. There have been so many new costume ideas that are coming out in the market and one of which is as a Gangster. If you want to ride on with the mob, here is what you need to create a Halloween Gangster Costumes for both men and women For Males: – Top Hat – Black / striped Business Suit – Gun (toy gun) – Shiny Shoes It is easier to find men’s gangster costume. You might just have a problem finding the guns. Notice to the minor readers, DO NOT use real guns but TOY GUNS ONLY. Do not forget the shiny shoes. This is what people usually forget. You polish your leather shoes like brand new. Gangsters in the movie never look untidy. Another tip: add a mustache. You could ask your girlfriend to make you a real nice sinister-looking mustache; or you could use those bought in the costume stores. For Ladies: – Black Sexy Dress – Scissors – Toy Gun – Black / White (or combination of both colors) high heels sandals – Leg holster Ladies can always be sexy with a gangster costume. Just remember to keep your entire ensemble into a black and white motif. To appreciate the gangster costume, wear a leg holster in your mid thigh and use the scissors to cut a slit into your dress. That would surely be sexy. Guys would be drooling over your exposed thigh. Too bad if you’re with your boyfriend, though. You will surely have a glaring pair of eyes directed at you

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Sexy Flapper Costumes

Go to for more flapper costume ideas for women and gangster costumes for men

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Best Gangster Costumes Online!

CLICK HERE: Listed below are the best gangster costumes on Amazon: Gangster Coat Lady Mobster Striped Costume Adult California Costumes Men’s Gangster Costume California Costumes Women’s Gangster Lady Costume Delicious Sexywear Tommy Guns Sexy Gangster Costume Lil’…

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Gangster Costume

Want to be a bad girl this halloween? Visit and start living on the wild side

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Gangster Costumes Ideas for Halloween! Ninja girl here to ask you to check out our website. We carry all the hot gangster costumes around!

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Gangster Costume Cheap Get great Gangster Costume ideas at this site. Wear a Gangster Halloween Costume and make dreams come true. You can save money, time and energy when you buy your Gangster costumes online.

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Gangster Girl Costumes Get the hottest gangster girl costumes and looks for your next ballroom bash. You will be the hottest gangster girl there!

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Tupac Thuglife Mask-Gangsta Costumes Tupac Masks are hard to find, but we’ve go them for the Best Price! Click the Above link to Buy Tupac Costumes! Thanks for watching and Happy Halloween!

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