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Behind The Scenes – 11th Photo Shoot model Kim Do in USA (TSJ Studios, CA)

17.01.2011 – TSJ Studios, El Monte (USA) Doing my 11th Photo Shoot in California. The theme is Mafia / Gangster, promoting for The Halloween Costume Store. Once again, I worked with Photographers Tommy Su & Jen Le (Snap It Studio). Special thanks to my fun Hair & Make-Up Artist Tina Ong! And thank you for the cool mafia gangster outfit. Loves it! -XO- Kim Do

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Designers Purses For Rent

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Gucci Handbags  are just about the most preferred handbags by most women. Women love to have atleast a person Gucci handbag in their priced possession of  handbags or wallets too. You will discover special about  Gucci Handbags  that create the women tempt to have greater number of these bags and wallets.Gucci bags make women happy plus its their inexplicable beautiful pattern and class that makes women content.

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1920′s Retro Gangster Costumes – here are just some great retro gangster costume ideas for for to choose from you you next party or to wear for Halloween!

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1920′s Gangster Costumes – Huge choice of 1920′s style of gangster cosumes for you to choose from. Great for parties and Halloween!

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The Intricacies of Fashion – A Saga of Waists, Hemlines and Bust-lines

Many women become slaves to the trends and designs of fashion and addicted to the ever changing styles that designers are able to impose on them. This had been the same since, and even before the mid-1800s, when the long flowing dress’s women wore, were part of the everyday life. 

When considering this, it is fascinating and somewhat amusing to see the earnest attention that has been paid to the portrayal of a woman’s waist, hemline and bust-line and the various aspects displayed by the name of fashion.   In fact, it has been one of the most influential and vital factors to the overall look of women’s fashion generally, over the years.  One from which we have not looked back. 

Do You Have a Waist?

The tiny waist for women had been avidly sought after since the nineteenth century, when corsets were used to pull the waist in as tight as possible, giving the appearance of an ultra slim waist.  This was emphasized even more, by the following dress.  A number of petticoats were worn under the dress, to give the appearance of a fuller figure, and was accompanied with a very slim waist. 

However, the world of fashion developed a style of a more standard appearance in the 1900s.  It was in 1910 when the women’s dress tended to produce a gentler look, not harsh and tightly fitting, as had been the case in the 1800s.  Women no longer required the need of help, in reducing their waist to the minimum possible, as the fashion had, thankfully, progressed and changed accordingly.  A more relaxed approach had been introduced to a woman’s dress, and relief was experienced by the female gender.  Fashion was now enjoyable once more. 

The Hemline Approach

1920 saw the new high-waisted look appear with the flapper style, as it was known.  This style enabled emphasis to be taken away from the natural waistline, and placed upon the hemline of the skirt instead, drastically shortening it to what was seen to be an extremely short skirt by previous standards.  This was regarded as one of the radical changes that had occurred for several centuries.  In fact, this alteration to hemlines has remained ever since, apart from the occasional lapse to longer lengths.   As the new, raised hemline was seen as a pleasant relief by the male gender, because waistlines and bust-lines were now ignored, this eventually gave way to a more masculine look for women. 

However, relief was at hand, as in the 1930s, a much more graceful image was introduced, reverting to a normal waistline again but, to the delight of most women, not as small as it had once been.  A more womanly appearance was now required, and the dress was designed accordingly. 

My Bust-line is My Best Line.

As the forties approached, still the little waist remained.  However, more importance was placed on the bust line which gave the impression of an even smaller waistline.  The overall effect was enhanced even further by the introduction of fuller skirts.  As we progressed to the fifties, the fashion changed again, but this time it was shoulders that were the center of attention and the high-waisted look returned. 

It was the 1960s when a woman’s dress became remarkably shorter, which gave its name to the mini skirt.  It was definitely a major happening and one that caused much publicity.  Every single woman had to wear a mini skirt, despite their size and age: the demand was amazing.  Now that the focus had been withdrawn from their waist, many females could dress in comfort once more. 

In fact, from the sixties onwards, the woman’s waist has not actually made a comeback to the extreme proportions seen back in the 1800s.  This is looked upon by many females very favorably as different fashions are worn.  So if you tend to have a large waistline; it certainly does not need to alter how you dress.

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Dreamgirl Costume 6505 Gangsta Wrap

6505 Dreamgirl Costume, Gangsta Wrap, Microfiber versatile dress with long halter ties that can be worn multiple ways to create different dress silhouettes. Includes gangster hat, neck collar with attached satin tie, wrist cuffs, leg garter with dollar sign and costume styling instructions. (6 piece set) This cunning gangster always gets away because she changes her look every single day!

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Leg Avenue 1920s Sexy Costumes, Outfits & Accessories 2010

In this video by, view one of the largest online selections of 1920s womens sexy costumes. Roaring Twenties costumes include: 1920s Flapper Costumes, Flapper Dress Costumes, Gangsta Costumes, Mobster, Gatsby Girl and accessories include: Black Gangster Fedora, Gangster Briefcase Purse, Fishnet Stockings and Gangster Sexy Shoes. Need a roaring 20s costume to dance the Charleston? Our sexy 1920s costumes are also great for dances, parties and themed events. Flapper dress also comes as plus sized costumes. Costumes dresses, hats, outfits, wigs are available for your accurate 1920s style. Shop online today: Subscribe to eLegAvenue’s YouTube Channel Fan us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: … bringing sexy back!!! Shop early for the best selection!

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Make a Splash with the Skirtini

The skirtini is making waves and it’s no wonder seeing as how it supplies a woman some coverage while still making it possible for her to look flirty and feminine! A skirtini is a sweet swimsuit which has a tankini at the top but has a skirted bottom. That means a lot more coverage than a regular bikini but much more playful!

The Skirtini is for Gals of All Shapes and Sizes

No matter what size or shape you are the skirtini will seem fantastic on you. It may even help you to appear better as you can complement your body in the places you think look good while hiding imperfections. No matter what your tastes are – a girl next door look, alluring, modest or flirty and fun – there is a skirtini for you. The return of the swim dress is what led to the popularity of the skirtini. These are in essence a throwback to a more glamorous time when women like Marilyn Monroe were at the height of fashion. A skirtini was among her preferred outfits and the pictures of her in one can still get a guy’s imagination going even today.

Versatility That Is Gorgeous

The best thing of all about the skirtini is its versatility. By having 2 parts you may have a skirtini which really showcases your bust and conceals your bottom half if that is your desire, or you may choose a style which has a ruffled or detailed bottom to truly showcase your bottom and legs. If you wish to focus the attention away from your bust region then chose a tamer skirtini top piece. In order to completely cover your stomach region than you will wish to pick a skirtini top and a skirtini bottom that fully meets at the center which provides complete coverage for your stomach. Because the top and bottom are separate pieces, the great thing is, you might also draw the top up a lttle bit whenever you are lying on the beach and trying to get a tan.

Stay Covered – Seem Alluring

The skirtini truly is quite flattering to any body size, shape and age making it one of the most versatile swimsuits you can purchase. You might seem alluring while still being as covered as you wish to be or you may go with a design that is all about flirty, sexy fun. The choices are so vast that you’ll have trouble choosing only 1!

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