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A short history of the pin up women

The 1940’s was an eventful era. The Japanese attacked pearl harbour, Anne frank went in to hiding and the term pin up girl was attested in to English, however the practise has been documented since the 1890s. Pin-ups were generally artwork, usually displaying idealised versions of what some thought a particularly gorgeous or beautiful woman should look like.

One of the most well known utilization of pin ups were in the Second World War as they were sent to soldiers to raise morale.  The photos were placed in magazines, newspapers, calendars and post cards but as they have become more famous the images were mass produced and sold as posters and such. The popular print of Betty Grable was taken in 1943 by Frank Powolny, five million copies of this print were distributed to GI’s in the course of World war 2.

The pin up girls gave the GI’s of World war 2 something to dream about and a reason to come back home. The photos and films were very well supplied to the GI’s to provide them with a brief distraction from the conflict & keep their spirits high.

Before the pin up girl there was the Gibson girls, which was artwork made popular by photographer Charles Dana Gibson. These photos portrayed the dream woman of the time. They were shown to have hourglass figures and were tall with lengthy thin necks accentuated by a bouffant hairdo. The very first model for the pictures is believed to be Gibson’s partner. And so the pin up artists of the 1940′s and fifties carried on the tradition with their very own type of Pin up girls.

 In modern days the custom of pin up girls lives on in a different art style. The pin up girl tattoo really is a great tribute to the stunning women of the 40s and fifties.

A different tribute to the pin up girls is 40s fancy dress. Commonly sold as adults fancy dress, the costumes can make you feel like the gorgeous women of the 40’s and 1950s. 

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