Sail the high seas with sassy naval fancy dress costumes

Do you ever mull over about an adventurous existence on the ocean waves?

Sailing the 7 seas with the wind in your curls and the sun at your back has always been a popular idea and has been enhanced additionally by the extreme worldwide recognition of the Pirates of the Caribbean motion picture franchise.

There are a huge number of different styles of nautical adult fancy dress available, from designs based on sailing uniforms to the constantly popular pirate fancy dress outfits.

In this piece of writing, we will take a peek at some of the different variations both styles have to offer. If you’re attending a get-together or event soon, then a few of the ideas could help you in your pursuit for the ideal costume.

The navy uniform is a genuine supply of inspiration for fancy dress costumes and there is a fantastic collection of distinctive designs to pick from.

The Fever Shipmate Sweetie is a sassy costume that contains numerous facets of a original sailor uniform. Sexy sailor fancy dress is always sure to seize attention at a party and this costume will be no exception.

The costume contains a short navy blue dress with silver piping detail and bow beneath the neckline. The fancy dress is finished off with a coordinated blue hat with red bow. Get ready to make waves!

If a navy inspired fancy dress costume is not for you, how about going on the account and becoming a pirate?

Sexy pirate fancy dress has become hugely popular in the wake of Captain Jack Sparrow’s adventures in the pictures.

The ladies Fever Pirate costume will make you the most sought after crew member at the gathering and consists of a body hugging white, red and black stripy dress, puff ball sleeves and is finished with a black corset style top with spaghetti straps.

Both of these costumes are packed full of seafaring elegance and are amazing for parties. There are heaps of other variations on both of these themes available if these 2 suggestions are not quite for you, but with any luck they ought to at least have given you some inspiration to start your own search.

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