Resident Evil 4 HD: it does not use pre-rendered movies as cutscenes

To all the naysayers out there, this video proves that RE4 HD does use in-game graphics for its cutscenes. You see Leon in the car with his alternate RPD costume on which was only shown on the GC/Wii versions. In the PS2/PC versions, the same cutscene would only include Leon wearing his default costume. Now just to prevent claims of trickery, I press the home button on the PS3 to show you that the game is running on the PS3. This proves the Gametrailers and Eurogamer reviews DEAD WRONG that the HD version is completely based on the PS2 version. DEAD WRONG! The reality is this. This game is not a port of the PS2 version, the PS2 version did not have dynamic shadows, dust effects, water reflection, lava geysers shooting up in the lava room, more leaves and branches on the trees, and more enemies on screen. This game is more based on the Wii release, just doubled the resolution and cut out the stupid motion controls that made the game piss easy. If you wear the RPD costume, all cutscenes will include this outfit. If you wear the gangster outfit, it will revert to the original costume. If you wear the tactical vest, all cutscenes will show this outfit as well. Going back to the gangster outfit, even on the Wii version, all cutscenes will revert to the default costume as well. Another point of interest lies upon the cutscenes themselves, 99% OF THE CUTSCENES ON THE MAIN GAME ARE IN-ENGINE ON THE HD VERSION!!! There is no discrepancy and blurry videos except for one scene

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2 Responses to “Resident Evil 4 HD: it does not use pre-rendered movies as cutscenes”

  • Cquallo says:

    you fool do you know that there is a way for the game to recognized that you are using said alternate costume and load the movie or video, not in game graphics, as appropriate to fool you into thinking its real time..
    you know that it doesnt look as good as re4 on wii or gamecube to prove to you that it is in fact the pc ps2 port go look at the dolphin emulated one and you will see what it would loook like if it were the original or wii version in hd

  • kornfanbobevox says:

    This is 100% Wii-version in HD! Also the Watereffects in RE4HD are real shaders and not only flat textures.

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