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New Ideas for Celebrity Costumes

Hey is it really possible to find some really good and designed Halloween celebration costume that comes without big skull and crazy celebrity costumes as a whole? I guess this year the celebration of Halloween costume can prove really hard for those who are willing to turn celebrity. I really guess that from politics to the plethora of ‘reality’ TV stars, the past 12 months should have no one in a connect to shape out a costume or celeb to mimic for the bureau party. None real stars around!! 

In politics, the biggest one’s are going to be the obvious ones – Obama, Palin, Steele and their ilk will be everywhere, but how about something a little more off the wall and not so run of the mill as the usual celebrity costume ideas? How about going as Putin, if you can make it work? Blagovivch should certainly be there if you can handle the hair, or hairpiece to look like him – or, if you have money, simply get in touch with him and for a couple of grand he’ll come to the party as himself for you – he needs the cash, apparently……. 

TV is going to be where most new celebrity costume ideas will come from. There’s Octomom and her 14 kids (use dolls, please!), Jacko will of course be making many, many appearances, Heidi and Spencer (if you really want to go looking like a douche), Gordon Ramsey is a cheap one to do as all your need to do is borrow a chefs jacket and scream obscenities in a British accent (even though he’s Scottish – wonder why no-one’s asked him about his lack of accent?) and so on. Let’s not forget too that pundits such as Glenn Beck (just talk and sound like an ass in a suit) and Cramer (“don’t sell your stocks – there’s nothing wrong with the markets – buy Bear Stearns, its healthy!”) have certainly earned themselves a healthy heaping of ridicule over the past year so let’s not forget that particular little parcel of joy to indulge in. 

The main thing with celebrity costume ideas is to make them topical, and something that people can readily recognize. Going as Napoleon Dynamite might appeal to you, but if everyone you work with is over fifty and have never seen the movie, why bother, as no one will know who you are?? So think about it beforehand, and make it something you can really get recognized for!

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