Make a Splash with the Skirtini

The skirtini is making waves and it’s no wonder seeing as how it supplies a woman some coverage while still making it possible for her to look flirty and feminine! A skirtini is a sweet swimsuit which has a tankini at the top but has a skirted bottom. That means a lot more coverage than a regular bikini but much more playful!

The Skirtini is for Gals of All Shapes and Sizes

No matter what size or shape you are the skirtini will seem fantastic on you. It may even help you to appear better as you can complement your body in the places you think look good while hiding imperfections. No matter what your tastes are – a girl next door look, alluring, modest or flirty and fun – there is a skirtini for you. The return of the swim dress is what led to the popularity of the skirtini. These are in essence a throwback to a more glamorous time when women like Marilyn Monroe were at the height of fashion. A skirtini was among her preferred outfits and the pictures of her in one can still get a guy’s imagination going even today.

Versatility That Is Gorgeous

The best thing of all about the skirtini is its versatility. By having 2 parts you may have a skirtini which really showcases your bust and conceals your bottom half if that is your desire, or you may choose a style which has a ruffled or detailed bottom to truly showcase your bottom and legs. If you wish to focus the attention away from your bust region then chose a tamer skirtini top piece. In order to completely cover your stomach region than you will wish to pick a skirtini top and a skirtini bottom that fully meets at the center which provides complete coverage for your stomach. Because the top and bottom are separate pieces, the great thing is, you might also draw the top up a lttle bit whenever you are lying on the beach and trying to get a tan.

Stay Covered – Seem Alluring

The skirtini truly is quite flattering to any body size, shape and age making it one of the most versatile swimsuits you can purchase. You might seem alluring while still being as covered as you wish to be or you may go with a design that is all about flirty, sexy fun. The choices are so vast that you’ll have trouble choosing only 1!

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