Machine Gun Molly Halloween Costume: What and How?

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to dress gorgeously and to be sexy. When we mention Halloween it is aMachine Gun Mollycommon connotation that young children and adults would wear scary Halloween costumes in any way possible. But oftentimes we see some who would take this outside the present and adopt a whole new genre of Halloween costumes.

Gangster Halloween costume is perhaps the newest type this century. An example of that would be the Machine Gun Molly Halloween costume. This is suitable for women who want to look sexier instead of looking scary. This can be a wonderful choice for that hard-eyed and fierce look, without compromising a woman’s curves and voluptuous figure.

What is a machine gun Molly Halloween costume? What are perhaps the foundation or essential elements that must be there? And where can one find this type of outfit?

This type of Halloween costume consists primarily of a gangster hat, a montage in black and white striped short-sleeve top with button cuff and a pencil skirt. Gangsters are normally represented with black and white shades, so it would also be worth keeping these colors in your Halloween wardrobe. For that sexier appeal, make sure your skirt has a cut behind it high enough for your legs to be seen.

Accessories are perfect complements to this set. Consider black gloves on both hands specifically to impart a strong drive. Stockings whether fishnet or ordinary ones would also complement the gun Molly Halloween costume. Heeled shoes may be closed or open toes look fabulous together with the get-up.

And what would this suit truly amazing, apart from the clothes and the accessories, is the gangster attitude. Therefore, the mainstay of hip yet fierce eyes must be seen and impose. Look serious but still sweet, pretty and sexy but violent. And by these way, anyone caught looking at you would surrender by your command.

This gangster Halloween costume can be sewn by any person or for the easier choice; this is available online at different ecommerce stores. Just be clever enough to choose the right accessories and footwear suitable for this as these things are sold separately. What are you waiting for? Purchase one and be the gangsters adored by everyone this November.

Searching for gangster related costumes for Halloween? Visit our Gangster Halloween Costume blog and see the aspects that constitutes the perfect Machine Gun Molly Halloween Costume.

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