Jedi and Yoda Costumes For Kids – Great Star Wars Costumes

Kids Star Wars Costumes are loved around the globe and if you have a good boy or girl at home who likes to show off their Star Wars pride, then there is no better way than to dress them up in a Child Jedi Costume or Child Yoda Costume this Halloween!

Child Jedi Costume

A Jedi is a member of the Jedi Order. These superbly trained fighters have learned the ways of the Force and carry their lightsabers to fight for peace and justice around the Galactic Republic.

The Jedi Order have been defenders of the galaxy for thousands of years but now your son or daughter can transform into the protector of the block …even if it is just for Halloween night!

Your neighbors will breath a sigh of relief as your young Jedi show up at their door dressed in the well known brown tunic and matching pants and always holding on to the ever present lightsaber.

Child Yoda Costume

Yoda is the respected and powerful Jedi Master. He is known all over the galaxy for his superior wisdom and understanding of the Force. Of course beyond that Yoda can handle his lightsaber pretty good!

Yoda served as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and has held a key role in the training of almost all of the Jedi in the Order.

Can you just imagine the smiles on Trick-or-Treat night when your kid puts on a Yoda outfit ! With the hooded Jedi robe, shirt, pants and don’t forget the fantastic Yoda mask, your child will be revered by all he comes in contact with.

Star Wars movies and stories are fun for all ages and whether you have a little Star Wars Fan or you have a tot who is just getting his or her start as a Jedi, you will enjoy seeing your kid dressed up as one of the good guys from Star Wars this Year !

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