Impress all your pals in Sexy Fancy Dress

Sexy fancy dress has become increasingly more popular particularly amongst college students and hen parties. It appears an increasing number of women are keen on getting in touch with their risque sides. Below is a list of our top 10 sexy outfits.

1.) Fever Fairytale Outfit – You’ll genuinely be the fairest of them all in this risque costume based on Snow White. You’ll be irresistible to any charming prince. Every single costume consists of a red, blue and gold dress and a red bow headband. Add a pair of risque white stockings to finish the look.

2.) Fever Sexy Cop Costume – With this outfit you certainly will be an arresting sight, outlaws would really like to get caught by any officer in this costume. Every single costume consists of a tight fitting black dress, a black belt plus a police officer’s hat.  Spice things up a bit by adding a pair of handcuffs.

3.) Fever Alice Outfit – Alice in Wonderland is ordinarily imagined of as being a sweet innocent young lady but you’ll certainly break the mould in such a cheeky costume. Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum would be more than happy to assist you find your way in this costume. Every costume includes a blue and white dress and a blue headband.

4.) Fever Red Riding Hood Costume – You’ll be irresistible to the big bad wolf with this risque outfit, you’ll certainly have people watching over you with this raunchy red caped costume. Every outfit includes a busty red and white dress plus a red cape.

5.) 5 Piece Can Can Costume – Burlesque outfits and shows are beginning to become incredibly popular, the Christina Aguilera film Burlesque has genuinely helped increase its popularity. Our 5 piece Can Can costume is our most well-liked Burlesque outfit.

6.)Fever Silver Catsuit – 80S fashion trends are popular once again and that incorporates Catsuits. Initially they were worn for aerobics and disco dancing but now they make a brilliant fancy dress costume perfect for any 80’s themed party.

7.) Fever Ahoy Sailor Outfit – If you’re trying to bag your self a Navy man then what better outfit to wear. This risque sailor outfit includes a short blue dress plus a white sailor’s hat.

8.) Trolley Dolly Costume – Air Stewardesses are often the objects of males desires, you’ll drive them wild with this sexy Trolley Dolly costume. Everyman will desire to be a part of the mile high club with you.

9.) Fever Lady Elegance Outfit – Our Fever Lady Elegance costume continues to be incredibly popular as a part of our Burlesque range.

10.) Fever Sexy Convict Outfit – Excellent if you’re going as out as a group and playing cops and robbers especially if a buddy is wearing our Sexy Cop outfit. Every outfit includes a figure hugging stripey black and white dress and hat. Why not add a pair of handcuffs to really spice up the night.  

Why not spice up your upcoming night out and go dressed up in risque fancy dress. All these outfits are obtainable from Fancy Dress Outfitters. 

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