25 Responses to “HOW TO DRESS GANGSTER”

  • DixieNormous561 says:

    are you wispering so your mummy dont hear you swear ?

  • graham hill says:

    WTF u suck u cant dress like one and ur a weirdo

  • justinrrschmidt says:

    i love how he makes fun of curved bills yet he has one

  • Team Voxometre says:


  • snow blake says:

    where you get your hat? the 99c store? XDD

  • rgovea8 says:

    Ur skiny like fuck

  • Donald Donaldson says:

    this is hit wannabe

  • kweezy3600 says:

    Holy leave this kid alone like I get called down a lot who cares man just don’t mind people what they say they are losers look I get called down a lot from this they push me around they push me they say lot a mean staff I’m still up don’t let. People call u down like that u got alife. I really got mad when I saw these comments I’m 12 I get call down a lot ok so just keep going

  • Brian Casiano says:

    White gangster really

  • Vexilator says:

    he looks like whiteboy7thst

  • Alex Munoz says:

    faggot ass white boy

  • Alex Munoz says:

    white peace of shit gonna get his ass beat think he a badass

  • shane mcguinness says:

    yo dont be racist you stupid mother fucker coz if you do my lyrics will eat you up + be ur self not some fake gangster i mean if u wanna look like a gangster just put on baggy white t shirt black jacket opend and black trousers and maybe a black hat

  • montesmark94 says:

    White ass piece of shit tryin to be gangster little. Thts how you dress like a gangster in 4 mins. Yea right piece of shit

  • montesmark94 says:

    And ur talking so quite cuz u don’t want to wake ur mom and hear u cussing

  • montesmark94 says:

    Or she will wip ur ass

  • Sick Hyena says:

    lol retarded.

  • DJ Stone says:

    haahaha fkin

  • DJ Stone says:

    u nut

  • MrFancyPants237 says:

    No you stupid shit. Gangsters don’t have a special dress code. They just dress in what ever they can get their hands on. Back when the REAL gangsters were still in, like the 30′s to 50′s, they wore fancy suits. You know why? Because those gangsters were successful in life, doing the wrong shit. Nowadays “gangsters” are just delinquent wiggers and niggers who don’t have the money to buy a T- shirt that actually fits. And stop acting gangster, your just a lil whiteboy who wants to be a “brother”.

  • jose lopez says:

    correct word for him is wannabee

  • iTzANDYWAFFLEZ says:

    Is this suppose to be a joke ?? Haha

  • Lucus Stenum says:

    Come on bro’s and bra’s he did pretty good guys god u freakin mf*

  • PitBull Lovers says:

    This nigga got me fucked up!!!!!

  • BLINGZable says:

    nigga you da shit…..YOLO

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