How Motion Pictures Influence Concepts for Monster Costumes

A unique subject that really gets you thinking, what is a monster and exactly what does one look like? When a lot of people consider these things they often times visualize a 7-eyed, hairy beast or something of the form. Many think about a Hollywood monster such as the Werewolf or Dracula. But the fact remains that a monster can simply be any kind of odd creature that you can imagine!  The pictures changed our imaginations and put these types of myths on film that made them much more true.

The term monster is really derived from the latin term monstrum and means that something is out of natural order. It is usually used to illustrate a thing that is hazardous, hideous, or perhaps unnatural. The word monster can be used for a lot of creatures and beings.

One particular monster is Sully from the Walt Disney film Monsters Inc. Sully is big, blue, furry, horned, and semi-menacing. His buddy Mike is another monster and everyone knows exactly who he is, the one-eyed, small green guy whom everybody loves. The Hollywood monsters, in contrast, are often menacing, creepy, frightening, mean and ruthless. One example of this is Dracula, stalker of the night. The creature of the night is a scary creature and often an ideal costume for Halloween or even a themed party while a monster similar to Mike is playful as well as nice. But these are just samples of what a monster may be. A monster could be a crimson bug with three feet and ten eyes, or perhaps just an eyeball on some legs!  You need to look for a monster costume idea that is perfect for you and the special occasion!

In order to pick a costume you should think of these things: Your own age, your character, and the occasion. Whenever you take these things into account you can easily think up after which get the perfect costume to suit your needs. One of these could be a little child who’s really rambunctious and going trick or treating. A wonderful monster costume for that tiny child would more than likely be Mike or Sully, yet whatever he or she selects is sure to be fine. Sometimes the classic outfits are fun to put on, such as the werewolf costume, yet such favorites like Cookie Monster and Dr Evil may help make it exciting. Same is true for anyone, pick a costume that’s comfortable and that you take pleasure in donning and you are all good to go.

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