Hot Damn! Pole Dance in Gangsta Costume

Nicole’s pole dance 3/8/08 to Tank- i like them girls.Nicole has been a well known certified fitness trainer since 2000 and started pole dancing for fun & sport in 2007. In just a few years Nicole has become one of the most popular pole dancers & instructors in California. She is now the owner of Allure Dance Studio, LA’s #1 Pole Dance Studio and you can click here for her most recent youtube videos to see her progression & performances. Visit the Allure Website for Nicole’s Instructional DVD Series featuring 6 DVDs for Beginner to Advanced. The most comprehensive collection on the market featuring over 65 pole tricks & spins. / (310) 343 — 9757

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25 Responses to “Hot Damn! Pole Dance in Gangsta Costume”

  • Rickas1988 says:

    you can get a pole from lil mynx they have different colors and they give you the option of permanent or removable poles.

  • Psyphax says:

    damn she makes it look so easy! great job very beautifully done

  • amyinmilton says:

    Who sings this song? I’ve looked for it everywhere! I’d give anything to have your Ipod lol…

  • jkristwife says:

    That was gangsta!!!

  • Patresem says:

    yes if anyone knows what song this is?

  • Patresem says:

    ok I found it..its by Tank produced by Timbaland, called I love them girls part 2

  • 2prettie says:

    Tank- i like them girls
    It’s in the description.

  • whitetailhunta says:

    i wouldnt leave the crib

  • sarimoo says:

    what shoes are those? :)

  • bwarren1975 says:

    Yea you dont want to leave the crib but shes gonna be at the strip club working while you at the crib. Nobody dances that good and not a stripper.

  • poledanceallure says:

    Uhh, sorry. I’m not a stripper just someone that enjoys doing routines in the privacy of my home and studio. I’d love to perform on stage but I don’t want to deal with the strip club atmosphere. what I do at home and what girls have to do in the club is 2 different things.

  • skippymaroo says:

    kinda sick .. i feel bad for her man  .. he must have a hard time getting anything done

  • GlamaMamiCEO says:

    Girl that shit was tight…I’m thinking on getting my pole for the house. I found one at a great deal. Where did you get yours from?

  • MunchiBiotch07 says:

    cute outfit…i wanna learn like shit! lol…always wanted to!

  • yungpzee says:

    damn guh you workin da pole like a muthafucca

  • OsOsExYbEtTy says:

    fukk the assholes…ppl cant appreciate dance period…they cant do it so they hate but i luv’d it girl…u killed it!

  • kymelle says:


    beautiful. Is that at spinning pole? also, is that a removable pole with a ceiling mount (like lil mynx)? Which brand pole are you using? Thanks

  • nleake says:

    well damn I think you did a good ass job you go girl I feel exactly what you are saying. It is an art but not everyone can be in the strip club

  • KLD2005 says:

    That was fantastic!!!! I use to dance and after watching that makes me want to get on stage again:) lol

  • NiceTubeAccount says:


  • wETGRWFH says:

    hot mama

  • Vanion1972 says:

    I want to be the pole! WOW!! So sexy!! Come to Canada! London Ontario!! I’ll come and watch ya!!

  • jokermonday says:

    u rock!! when u coming to alberta ? lol u an ur pole come this way babe ;-)

  • ncdavids says:

    Gay man here to give ya mad props! that was HOT!!!! baby girl~

  • Masin19 says:

    I saw the 2nd part of this vid on voxzo,com and it gets naughty :D

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