Halloween Costume 1920’s Gangster

Whenever we think of gangster what pops into our minds are tough and brave individuals. Mostly these are dominated by men. We often see them on streets with their guns not withstanding their life may be in danger. As long as they can play the tough guy, they are always at the edge.

In line with that, Halloween costume 1920’s gangster would be one best alternative should you decide to pull up an outfit this coming November. As such, being a gangster in any party would definitely look you brave and manly. Much more, you might even be getting girls in the process.

If you are fairly excited to get started, here are key items that you must not forget to bring should you decide to be a gangster. Without it your ensemble won’t be complete and much more your level of manliness might also decrease. Hence prep up with the following components.

Item 1: Gun. Every known gangster whether in real life or in movies always have gun with them. Typically most if not all have big guns with them. A mere little gun is just not manly enough. Hence brace yourself by bringing in long guns with you. But do take note to incorporate only the fake guns as you might scare the heck of many. Be wholesome with your gun but be bold with your braveness.

Item 2: Formal attire. Most gangsters that we know are in fact dressed properly if not intelligently. Oftentimes these individuals came from rich families who would like to preserve their property, their clan and their wealth. Hence it is no wonder that they can afford a coat and tie hence they have the money in the first place. In addition, their clothes are also neatly pressed.

Item 3: Gangster hat. Though there’s not really a standard hat worn by gangsters, oftentimes they are known to wear hats which incorporates black and white. If you have hesitations in finding the right hat for your gangster costume, it would be best to look for samples via the Internet or even the movies. Much more, you can also check out your favorite costume stores and see what they can suggest to you.

Halloween costume 1920’s gangster will surely be a great ensemble should you be able to know how to pull this one. As such, exert the time to find these items and much more the attitude for you to look fierce and brave. After all realize what really a gangster is known for and you are good to go.

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