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As Halloween costumes ideas are easily available in different shapes and sizes, its really cool to go over with it. Wearing any traditional costume of ghosts, ghouls, witches and mummies can also prove exciting even though it is the most common Halloween costumes across the world. Moreover, I believe in dressing up something new and unique during Halloween for capturing maximum attention. Dressing up like Michael Jackson or any other late celebrity can give you huge round of applause.

As It is one of the best adult costumes this season, it’s great to grab it. Above all, Michael Jackson had some interesting and hilarious looks too and hence grabbing any one of them can prove really great at the Halloween party. Michael Jackson was one of the creative humans and hence, wearing his costume can really prove funny!

You can give a second thought to this adult costume idea. Moreover you can try to be the recent version of Michael Jackson, the one who is lily white and missing his nose or can even choose any of the earlier versions that was having traditional appearance with his common cap, metal bulk accessories and leather jackets with skin tight jeans and curly hair. I guess people still remember the early version of him with his chimp during 80s or 90rs and hence bubbles can be something innovative during this Halloween. So get a chimpanzee with you at the party to really surprise the people around you.

Then there’s the “Thriller” era Michael Jackson, he of the red leather jacket, the white socks, black shoes and midriff bearing t-shirt. Or the outfit from the “Billie Jean” video. In the realm of adult halloween costume ideas, these are two that are sure to be recognized by most people.

The above idea clearly doesn’t state to behave like a deceased celebrity. Just like people become alcoholics or grab the concept of postmodernism during Halloween. Practically speaking, we haven’t even decided finally for this Halloween. Last when I was chatting with my beloved, we finalized one idea of a martini – my head would be the olive, and we’d figure out how to build a glass around that – and she would go as an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. This idea is really great and though not fully conceptualized we are thinking to go with it as Halloween is just few days to go.

Frankly speaking, Halloween costume ideas are found in millions of concepts and designs. Surfing net can also gift you with few creative and unique adult costume ideas for this Halloween. Apart from all, there are sites that teach how to make adult costumes by your own.

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