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Getting to know more about Halloween’s History

It is very shameful to say that there are still many people on this earth who are unaware about the history of Halloween. People just know that Halloween is associated with nonsense dressing and candies but none is aware about the fact. These kinds of dressing are associated with one of the roots of Halloween evening. Anyways let me tell you that the history of Halloween is quite old some around thousands of years. But still it is celebrated with the same enthusiasm around the country.

By researching upon this topic we come to know about the time of the Celts who celebrated this day as a festival known as Samhain. The new year of Celts starts from 1st November and thus this day is celebrated as Samhain on 31st October. This New Year comes with lots of chilly winds as it announces the end of summer season. Also this particular season associates with death as per the history says and therefore 31st October is celebrated as a day between the livings and dead world that allows the dead to meet the living creatures. Though knowing about the fact that ghosts can cause trouble to living people there is some spiritual reason to celebrate this day as per the Celts priests. Moreover this day is celebrated by the people wearing different costumes that reveal about future and even the priests built bonfires to worship their Lord.

The next day in Halloween narration is the Roman assault of Celtic province. As a consequence of Roman take-over, the festive of Samhain pooled with the Roman festivals that flattered the passing of the dead and Pomona, the divinity of fruit and trees. The convention of nodding for apples might have start off from the reverence of Pomona, whose sign was the apple. After Roman canon came the power of Christianity. Under Pope Boniface IV, November 1st became All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows in Middle English parlance. October 31st became known as all hallows Eve, which in a while became Halloween. Further on November 2 all became Souls Day, which was celebrated with bonfires and costumes alike to the carnival of Samhain.

It is true that the foot prints of earlier celebration and history is easily seen in Halloween celebrations. Even though some people are not aware about the history they will come to know sooner or later and yes, the original reason for celebrating this festival by building bonfires will never be forgotten by the future. So now it’s easy to know that Halloween means the bridge between the dead and the living ones by maintaining a connection of the past and present.

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