gangster costumes – Pick The Hot Machine Gun Molly Costume For Halloween

Pick The Hot Machine Gun Molly Costume For Halloween

Halloween is a happy time of the year for people who love to dress up and become glamorous. It’s a wonderful celebration where youth and adults get together wearing Halloween costumes in all ways possible. Some will take on the classic scary look while others will leave the contemporary and adopt a new kind of costumes.

The Gangster Halloween costumes is one of the fancy new age costume type of this century. An example of a neat gangster costume would be the Machine Gun Molly Halloween costume. This costume is suitable for women who want to look really sexy and slick instead of looking scary. It can be a wonderful choice for that hard-eyed and fierce look, without compromising a woman’s curves and voluptuous figure.

What makes a good machine gun molly Halloween costume? What may be the bases or elements necessary that must be present? And where can you seek this kind of costume?

This kind of Halloween costume consists primarily of a gangster hat, a fitting black and white short sleeved pinstripe top with cuffed button and a pencil skirt. Gangsters are normally represented with black and white colors thus it would also be befitting to have those colors on your costumes. For that sexier appeal, make sure that your skirt has a cut behind it higher enough for your back legs to be exposed.

Accessories are perfect additions for this ensemble. Consider having black gloves on both hands specifically black for that tough touch. Fish net stockings or plain black stockings would also complement the machine gun molly Halloween costume. Shoes can be closed heels or open toes so as long as they would go well with the totality of the outfit.

And what would make this suit truly amazing, apart from the clothes and the accessories, is the gangster attitude. Therefore, the mainstay of hip yet fierce eyes must be seen and impose. Look serious but still sweet, pretty and sexy but violent. And by these way, anyone caught looking at you would surrender by your command.

Bring on Miss hottie! Go grab this costume and amazed your partner with your desirable look and costume. Putting on make up is also important to add up class into your costume. Carry your costume well and have some poised on wearin
g it. It is also important to carry the costume well and you are comfortable wearing it.

These gangster Halloween costumes can be sewn made by anyone handy or for an easier alternative, you can find them made available in different online retail stores. You only need to be resourceful enough to pick the right accessories and the proper shoes for some things are sold separately. So what are you waiting for? Get hold of one and be the beloved gangster this Halloween.

By: Pagan Moore

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Searching gangster related ideas for Halloween? Visit the blog Gangster Halloween Costumes for a varity of gangster costume ideas like the Machine Gun Molly Costume.

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Costume Ideas For Halloween Teenage Girls

Halloween is the time when teenage girls can dress up in a variety of costumes. The teenagers themselves will have clear ideas as to who they want to dress up like. If they want they can get ideas by searching the internet. A lot of information is available on the web. There are catalogs which give information about costumes for girls. Besides, there are many stores that keep many costumes for Halloween.

Teenagers are at an age when they love dressing. They would like to go to the Halloween party and if there is a prize they would want to win it. They take care to dress perfectly. Since Halloween is associated with the supernatural, the girls would naturally like to dress up like a witch, a vampire, a ghost, a devil or a sorceress. Such effect can be obtained by adding accessories that will transform the teenager into that character for the time being. They would like to cast a spell on the audience that they face. A painted face and long hair with hats and wands where necessary will create the wanted effect.

Girls would also like to dress up as a detective, a gangster, an outlaw, a pirate or a barbarian. This will need a bold look. They also like to wear the costume of a cave girl. Some might prefer to look like an angel, a fairy or a Greek goddess. This will need veils and wings.

Still some others might want to wear a sexy outfit. They can dress up as a French maid, a nurse, a sexy Santa, a warden, a stewardess, Cleopatra etc. Many present day film and television personalities can also be imitated. This will give them something that they can identify with.

Movie and television shows that are popular can also give many ideas for costumes. Some of them are the characters from the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies. Television sitcoms and cartoons that are extremely popular are also liked by girls.

Teenagers would also like to dress up like popular television personalities, movie stars, singers, pop stars and other famous political figures. All this can be possible by dressing up like the person they want to portray.

Costumes of various periods are also popular. Girls can dress up as people belonging to the Victorian era, or the Egyptian women. Each era has its own style, which can be imitated. Costumes of Cleopatra, Helen of troy and Queen Elizabet
h can be worn.

Famous real life personalities like Paris Hilton, Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, and Amy Winehouse can also be imitated.

Girls can easily transform themselves into another character by dressing up themselves in those clothes. Girls have a natural flair for dressing. They love to apply make up. They would also like to put on a mask if it is necessary. Long false nails, eyelashes and hair extensions can be used by them. The face can also be painted to suit the personality. They can wear different kinds of boots or shoes. This can also accompanied with scarves or hoods as the costume demands.

With such a vast variety of costumes available, teenage girls can definitely make their own costumes or order for them in a store or order online. As the girls start planning they can add newer accessories to make the character come alive. This would go a long way in making the Halloween a party a grand success.

By: robertjames

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Robert James is an expert author, who is presently working on the site Halloween Costumes, Costumes for Halloween. He has written many articles in various topics. For more information about Teen Costumes, Girls Costumes. Visit our site Adult Costumes, Sexy Costumes.

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