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We all look forward to the coming Halloween when we again get to dress up and become glamorous. Halloween is the holiday of pumpkins and mostly dominated by the dark & mystic feeling with icons like devils, ghouls, skeletons, vampire, demons and such. However, everybody does not go down the contemporary dark and scary path but instead choose to adopt to a completely new costume type.

The Gangster Halloween costume is a new and different genre of costumes that are becoming more an more popular. Mafia movies has always been popular and now we’re able to become our favorite gangster character’s at the Party.

An great example of a hot Woman Gangster Costume is the both elegant and sexy Machine Gun Molly Costume. This is made for any lady who want to look though and hot at the same time. It’s gives you that fierce and hard-eyed look, without complementing your figure.

So what’s included in the Machine Gun Molly Halloween Costume?

This hot costume consists of a fitting black and white striped short sleeve top with buttoned back and pencil skirt. The most common color of gangsters are black and white and that’s also true in this particular costume. For a sexier touch, make sure your skirt has a cut behind it, enough for your lovely legs to be exposed. Also don’t forget the most important part, a gangsters hat to complete the gangster look.

Other accessories that are perfect complements to this costume would be the hot black gloves that should be worn on both hands. You could also choose to have fishnet or ordinary stockings to spice the costume up. Another hot tip it is the heeled shoes with either closed or open toes. Optionally a toy machine gun in the hands will put fear in your surroundings.

Remember, even if you got this costume and all the accessories, it would not do a mighty impression without the most important thing and that is your attitude. Hold your stance and move your hip while attacking your surroundings with fierce eyes. With serious and violent pose with a sweet touch will look really stunning. Anyone present at the Halloween party will surely surrender to your charm.

So, how do you get hold of this costume. If you are very talented and have time, you could always try to sew the costume yourself. Otherwise a selection of nice looking Machine Gun Molly costumes are found in various retail stores. You just need to make sure you get hold of the all the needed accessories as they are sold separately. Halloween is just around the corner. Hurry up and get that sexy hot attitude with a Machine Gun Molly Costume.

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Many couples are choosing to dismiss the traditional fancy dress outfits for sexy ones. Sexy fancy dress outfits can be a sure way to liven up any fancy dress party. In addition, thanks to some ingenious online retailers , they are not limited to just women’s styles. Many people like the idea of matching their costumes with their partners and it certainly is a conversation starter at any fancy dress function. Couple costumes are becoming more impressive, more popular and most sort after. Couple Costumes are also easy to recognise, you are guaranteed not to hear those embarrassing words ‘What did you come as then?’ Sexy couple costumes are so much more eye-catching than the typical costumes. Here are some ideas for your sexy couple costumes.

Naughty Pirates

Long known as the “bad boys” of the sea, pirate couple costumes can be sexy for both men and women. High Black Boots can look equally sexy on men as on women, make a sexy, jaunty hat one of your necessary fancy dress accessories. Pirate Men look good in tight black pants, showing off their chests with an unbuttoned shirt. Remember your own personal touches of gold jewellery and other accessories.


Gangster Couple- costumes for a gangster and his sexy mob girl. Add your own gangster hats and guns if they’re not included with the outfits.


Fireman and female fire-fighter outfits are sure to turn heads. Any uniform outfits for men and for women can be put together for couple costumes.

The Movies

The movies have provided us with some ideas for couples costumes that are a little bit different than the traditional fancy dress outfits. Although it has now been some time since its release, no-one would fail to recognise his and hers Ghostbusters outfits. A little more up to date is John Conner and Blair Williams, Terminator outfits.

Mysterious Egyptian

Bring the heat of the Nile to your Fancy Dress party! For women, transmit your inner Cleopatra with a revealing frock, high-heeled sandals, and rich makeup. For men, you can transmit your inner King Tut with lavish robes, fitted pants, and sandals. If you don’t have the hair to suit a Cleopatra outfit you will find that costume wigs are very reasonably priced.

Prison Inmate or Law Enforcer

As a prison inmate either sex can dress in somewhat exposed clothing and fake “chains.” It may be fun to mix and match the prisoner and police outfits

Inventive Sexy Halloween Costumes

Almost any Halloween costume can be redesigned to a sexy Halloween costume with a little work. Swap out full length dresses for mini-skirts, opt for low-cut necklines, or select fitted dresses or pants. However, you should keep in mind that not all sexy fancy dress outfits are proper for every occasion. If you are hosting a family party, for instance, you may choose a costume that is appropriate for all ages and put aside your sexy fancy dress for an adults only party.

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