gangster costumes – It Can Sometimes Be Difficult to Find the Right Fancy Dress Plus Size Costumes

If you are like me and built for comfort and not speed sometimes it can be difficult to find the right fancy dress plus size costumes. It isn’t enough to just find the right costume but more important to feel comfortable in it. I have put together a few suggestions of costumes which I think work well if you are a fancy dress plus size.

The French Maid

Even if sprucing up is not your thing, a French maid fancy dress plus size costume is sexy in any size. The puffed-sleeve dress and mini skirt shows off your curves in all the right places, and a feather duster can be a flirty come-on tool.


Renaissance wear works well in all sizes as well. The lace up frock of a town wench is far more flattering than a figure hugging garment. This works with a pirate wench outfit as well or wear a baggy frilly shirt. You can most times find matching men’s costumes in Renaissance wear if you are looking for a costume couples theme and of course a man’s pirate costume is easy to find or you can make one up yourself.


Plunging necklines will accentuate your features and curves. Either have a floor length gown or a short dress which ever you feel comfortable in. Add a broom, a hat and a long dark wig and this costume is perfect.


If you have ever dreamed of being an Egyptian princess, there are fancy dress plus size costumes in this design that come in all sizes. With a white dress with an Egyptian sash and gold accessories, you are set to rule the Nile. There are also many of men’s Egyptian costumes as well, making this a good costume couples theme.

Super hero

Super hero costumes are a perfect way to have fun on Halloween. Quite often super hero costumes come complete with accessories. Many super hero designs come in men’s Halloween costumes as well so if you and your partner want to wear a matching costume, couples costumes like this would be ideal.

Gangster Girl

This great costume will also accentuate your curves. Stockings and a gangster hat can help you to finalize your look. Your man will easily find a matching gangster outfit for a costume couples theme. Gangster girl costumes come in so many styles you are sure to find one to suit you.

Sexy Nurse

You can compliment his outfit with a sexy nurse’s uniform. Like many sexy fancy dress plus size costumes, these are intended to show off your curves. Accessories with a nurse’s cap and a stethoscope, and you are prepared to treat his every ill.

Marie Antoinette

One of the classic fancy dress plus size costumes, the flowing elegance of this gown can hide a multitude of sins, if that’s what you wish. If you feel more daring there are shorter versions.

With a little planning, you can find the perfect fancy dress plus size costume for any Fancy Dress celebration.

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This year you can choose a collection of couples costumes sure to be a hit at any adult Halloween party! There’s something here for adults of all ages. If you’re looking for ideas for couples costumes this year, here’s our pick of the top 10 couples costumes for 2009.


Fred and Wilma are back! Fred Flintstone is a fictional character who originated in the animated sitcom The Flintstones on ABC.Wilma is also a fictional character in The Flintstones. She was the red-headed wife of caveman Fred Flintstone.


This is a favorite costume from previous years that continues to sell well. You’ll get plenty of laughs with this couples costume selection.This couples costume includes black and grey socket costume and white plug costume with cord.


The Toy Story couples costume remains a favorite for couples. After all, who wouldn’t want a Woody?


The Batman and Sexy Robin couples costumes selection is sure to turn heads at your Halloween party this season.


Nordic Viking and Princess – Turn back the hands of time to medieval days and the Viking Age, in particular, with a fabulous Viking Princess costume.


Gangsters are Back! You will surely feel good being a gangster with these gangster costumes. No matter if you’re interested in a Playboy Gangster costume or a a gun and garter set,these kind of costumes will prove that sometimes it’s good to be ba ba ba bad.


Fred and Daphne are Back! Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed is a 2004 film, and sequel to 2002′s Scooby-Doo based on the Hanna-Barbera series classic, Scooby-Doo. Fred and Daphne are 2 dramatis personae in the Movie.

8. POPEYE & Olive OYL

Popeye and Olive Oyl are 2 fictional hero famous for appearing in comic strips and animated films as well as numerous television shows.


The fairytale continues!


DON’T joke Police,but in Halloween party, You’re Busted!

If you choose to buy a costume rather than make one by yourself, you can find plenty of crazy top couples Halloween costumes in very good prices at online stores. For example, you may want Halloween costumes to turn you into polices, or you might want to look at some other sexy Halloween costumes ideas such as the “SHIPMATE CUTIE/ PINUP GIRL ” costumes or NURSE KANDI SEXY COSTUME. There are ton of ideas out there, so have fun finding your choice!

If you’re looking for cute Gangster Costumes visit BuyCostumes.

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