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2009 is about to end. Throughout the entire year, you have enjoyed some all new, colorful days. With a strong positive note, you started this year. Numerous resolutions were attached with it. Now it’s the time to say bye bye to this year. Every moment, every day, every month is precious. Make it more delightful throwing a Halloween party on 31st October night. Everybody would happily join the event and celebrate it with enormous enthusiasm. Adding some innovative ideas, you can organize a remarkable Halloween party indeed. Why not think for some versatile costume ideas on that night? Different kinds of dresses will make your party scarier as well as funnier.

Celebrate Halloween party with creative designs

  • Phantom of the Opera Costume: This is a useful dress on that night. The costume shares three stylish apparels and two horrible masks. For adults you can get a full length red colored cape. The oversized collar makes the dress more furious. Freely enjoy this scary attire along with a mask because the costume has gained proper license for a Halloween party.
  • Batman Costumes: Batman costume is popular among many people. Children as well as young adults, everybody prefers this dress. Kids can wear Muscle Chest Batman Child & Toddler dresses on Halloween party. Also Batman Begins Ninja, Scarecrow costume etc are available for the juniors. A favorite batman costume among adults is Adult Batman Joker Costume. This year, you can try it.
  • Banana Outfit: Do you want to get banana attire? Choose a banana dress and cover your body in it. Such outfits are made with high quality materials. In yellow and green shade you’ll really look like a banana man.
  • Toilet Halloween Costume: One of the funniest Halloween attires is Toilet costume. Buy this dress from the market. You can order this in advance for the special night. Wrap yourself with a Toilet shaped costume. Everybody will definitely laugh at you on the occasion.

Some more Halloween dress ideas

  • Racing Driver Costume
  • Bun Maker Halloween Costume
  • Cosmo Dress Halloween Costume
  • Whoopee Cushion for Halloween
  • Penguin Halloween Costume
  • Hot Dog Halloween Costume
  • Hippie Costumes
  • Ho Costumes
  • Hot Costumes
  • Indian Costumes
  • Inflatable Costumes
  • Jester Costumes
  • Chicken Halloween Costume
  • Fairy Costumes
  • Fantasy Costumes
  • Flapper Costumes
  • French Maid Costumes
  • Gangster Costumes
  • Geisha Costumes
  • Genie Costumes
  • Gothic Costumes
  • Grease Costumes
  • Greek Costumes
  • Grim Reaper Costumes
  • Group Costumes
  • Gypsy Costumes
  • Harry Potter Costumes

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Witch costumes touch an ordinary gathering with magic. Witches are often associated with darkness and evil and hence, the lady in the witch’s dress may end up looking wicked and harsh. Usually, it is during theme parties and Halloween that a witch’s costume is brought out to be worn. These days, these costumes are becoming quite the vogue and can be easily picked up online at low costs. Couples may make a grand entry in a Halloween party dressed as a sexy witch and wizard.

A sexy witch is made of more than just a witch costume. She needs the accessories mentioned below:

o Metallic stick on nails

o Pointed witch hat

o Fake magic broom

o Witch nose and chin

The most popular color for making sexy witch costumes is black. But this is no thumb rule. Any dark shade may be worn. In fact, if you are portraying a good witch, you may even choose light shades. Usually, the sexy witch costumes are snug-fit, thigh-length dresses. Some sexy witch costumes may also drop till the ankles, but are still sausage-fitting. You may choose whether you want a long or a short dress, but make sure it fits tight.

Once the sexy witch costume is on you, it is time to put on the accessories. Attach the metal nails and make sure your make up is on the rough and touch side. The pointed witch’s hat must adorn your head – check if it fits right by aligning it properly in the mirror. Put on next the witch’s fake nose and chin. This may involve the use of some spirit gum. Mostly, the spirit gum is included with the costume and accessories package. Do not forget the spirit gum – if you don’t want to end up with a constantly falling fake nose or chin.

There is still one thing missing – the fake witch’s broom which seals the sexy witch costume get up. During Halloween parties, fun can be had by waving the broom in circles as though casting a spell. A timely warning though – try not to use the broom as you have seen witches do in movies and books – trying to use them for flying is a sure way to see the inside of a hospital.

Remember to memorize few magical spells from movies such as Harry Potter and the Witches Secret. They surely come handy during the Halloween parties especially when you need to introduce yourself. The sexy witch costume is one of the favorite Halloween sexy costumes and get very expensive during the Halloween season. So, make it a point to buy the witch costumes during the off season and avail all the possible discounts and offers.

The Halloween sexy costumes for women include GI girl costume, the saloon girl costume, sexy cheerleader costume, goddess of love costume, cruise ship cutie costume, adult Minnie mouse costume, prep schoolgirl costume, Japanese doll costume, sexy nurse costume, sexy flirty costume, American all-star baseball costume, gangster girl costume, chamber maid costume, sexy Indian girl costume, sexy Dorothy costume, warrior princess costume, French maid costume, naughty soldier girl costume, dark angel costume, queen of hearts Halloween costume and several others.

Also to be found in all shops are the Halloween sexy costumes for men. They come in the style of cowboy costume, jungle man costume, gladiator costume, Greek warrior costume, Roman soldier costume, royal sultan adult costume, sexy policeman Halloween costume, Egyptian harem costume, sexy gangster costume, sexy highlander costume, Roman Hunk costume, Pharaoh costume, Barbarian costume, sexy cave man costume, Egyptian god costume, adult Scott costume and many others.

There are many Halloween sexy costumes to choose from – you are sure to find whatever you wish for. To do the shopping, either visit your local marts or go online to shop with a click. Online shopping involves debit or credit card so ensure you have either. The cash-on-delivery option is rarely encountered in costume online shops.


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