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Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Searching for new Halloween costume Ideas for 2009? Latest Halloween Costume Ideas can make you current as well as a favorite one among kids and adults, alike. Be it a boy or a girl, on this special day everybody is in search of a new costume befitting the occasion.

As a caring element of your family, you may always try out unique costume ideas in order to ensure that all your loved ones steps into a party and instantly becomes centers of attraction. And if the costumes you had created yours are perceived as the most unique of the costums; you can effortlessly take pride is being surrounded by the greatest designers of the world

Bonnie and Clyde Costume Ideas for Couples

Bonnie and Clyde costume ideas are inspired by the first big shot criminal couple. The outfits are used by girls and boys who want to emulate the style of these American gangsters of the great depression era. They were prominent profile bank robbers and their romanticized adventures make Bonnie and Clyde perfect costume ideas for couples to wear to Halloween parties. Female gangster costumes of different types including flapper outfits and other more modern styles can be used for dressing up as Bonnie. To dress as Clyde, the sharp, double breasted business suit is the most essential component of lthe costume.

Ideas for Medusa Costumes

Medusa was a character from Greek mythology and the most striking element about her was her hair. In place of hair strands, she had some live snakes crawling all over her head. Her gaze was enough to turn people into stone.

The ideas for Medusa costumes try to apply this unique element in the outfits. So, the costume requires purchasing of various sized rubber snakes in different colors. These can be green, bla
ck and glow-in-the-dark varieties. Bridal wreath style headpiece can be used along with the costume. The snakes are sewn into it and placed over the head as a wig. The snakes should be arranged in such a way a to allow some to dangling from the head and they should be of varying lengths.

Scary Costume Ideas

The Wicked of Oz Skarecrow Adult Costume: He may not have a brain, but he’s smart enough to scare!
A very scary take on a classic costume, this Skarecrow doesn’t just scare away crows, it scares away everything! Completely creepy, the Wicked of Oz Skarecrow Adult Costume includes a frightening mask with red stitching and nail accents, a patched up shirt with fringe, matching pants with red stitching, and a witch-style hat.

Hellraiser Chatterer Deluxe Adult Costume: Life or death doesn’t get much worse than being The Chatterer. Muscle-y and mean, you’re one cenobite that knows where it’s at. This costume includes one horrifically sculpted mask complete with mouth hooks, comfortably breathable and highly detailed black, synthetic, sculpted shirt, pants and gloves to make you the fiercest of them all.

Horror Gothic TV and Movie Characters:

Sweeney Todd Deluxe Adult Costume
How about a shave? Come and visit your good friend Sweeney! Sit them right down and give them the closest shave they will ever know! The Sweeney Todd costume includes a dark grey, suede-like double-breasted vest with attached sleeves, dickie with collar, neckscarf, and pinstripe pants. A finer costume you will not find, for the world’s finest barber!

Mrs. Lovett Adult Costume:
She would do nearly anything to help her dear friend, Sweeney! His partner in crime and baker of extraordinary meat pies, the lovely Mrs. Lovett dresses to impress. Her costume includes a Victorian era black dress featuring a fitted princess line bodice, a v neckline accented in tulle with attached red chemise, sheer three quarter sleeves with lace cuffs, and a pleated dress-apron skirt which falls just above the ankles. Indeed “love” knows no boundaries, but then in some cases, neither does obsession or revenge!

Corpse Groom Barry D’Alive Adult Costume: This Charming Corpse Groom will be by your side for eternity

This handsome corpse will love you to death. The Corpse Groom Barry D’Alive costume includes a dead sexy crushed velvet jacket with attached Satin button front vest, top hat, bow tie and removable boutonnie’re. Have fun and crash the next Halloween monster bash!

By: Gary W Wittmuss

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Childhood Memories Of Christmas Cards

Think back on some of your earliest childhood holiday memories. What comes to your mind? I recall when my mother would pull out of the back of the closest all the holiday paraphernalia, packed away from the previous year. There were boxes of what, to a child, seemed to be a prequel to Christmas itself. I had of course seen the contents every year before but, still, that new unveiling, opening of the boxes, was like its own tradition.

In those days, we sometimes went out and bought a live tree but, as often, we had a fake tree. That, of course, had its own box. Always something of a real procedure . . . pulling limbs and limbs and the trunk, and then finding the stand, and getting the whole thing up and ready for the next box. . . .

The lights. This, along with pulling the heavy tree limbs out of their box, was the only real task taken on by the man of the house. Daddy would grunt and groan, and fumble and futz, but ultimately the tree would twinkle with brightly colored lights. He’d stand back, give it the eye, and pronounce it ready for decoration. Then he’d go off and leave it to Mama and us kids.

Next were all those sparkling, fascinating-to-a-child, ornaments. Some of them had special meaning to my mother, others were simply pretty little doo-dads which she had collected over the years. It was our job, as the children, to carefully take each ornament as she pulled it out of its specific boxed home, put it on a hook, and then we became tree designers—finding that one specific, special spot for that particular ornament, a spot where no other ornament would do. This ritual was repeated over and over, until just about every decoration in almost every box my mother pulled out of the closet had found a temp
orary new home on a tree branch.

Hmmm. . . . What next? In those days, days before everyone was concerned about fire prevention and what was, and wasn’t safe, tinsel was unequivocally next on the list. Silver tinsel. Nothing else would do. Each of us kids would carefully receive a handful, and we were instructed to take only a few strands at a time—not big handfuls!—and lightly fling those strands onto the tree branches. It was to look as if long delicate icicles precariously held on, very much in danger of falling to the ground at any minute. This was an art, an art my mother strictly adhered to and which we, as her students, learned the finer points from her, the Master.

Last, always last for the tree, was the angel. Always an angel at the top of the tree—nothing else would do. No star, no Santa Claus, nothing else but an angel. And at this point Daddy would come back into the picture, since he was the tallest, place the angel on the tippy-top of the tree, and he and Mama would declare the tree officially decorated. He would again retreat, and she and us kids would stand back and admire our beautiful creation, for what seemed like hours.

It wasn’t hours, though, and we weren’t finished. The process of holiday home decoration had only just begun. The tree was simply the starter. There were still boxes filled with Christmas goodies. Out would come Santas for the mantle, ceramic trees with lighted bulbs for the hallway, thick garland for the staircase, and, of course, the mistletoe for the doorway into the kitchen—always the best place, it seemed, to catch someone unaware for a big holiday kiss!

And even amidst all the glitter and color and bright lights, all the fascinating and fun decorations with which a child could become mesmerized, there was still one last item that, every year, was a staple of our home’s Christmas decor. My mother was a dedicated sender of Christmas cards. She had a list which she religiously moved into an old card box, from year to year, crossing off who she sent to the year before and who she added to the list that next year. When the list became too old, too many names crossed out with new ones added so that she could barely read it anymore, she transcribed the names to a new list, and that one would go on and on until it, too, needed replacing.

Cards received every year became part of our decorating process, yet this piece of the process was ongoing since cards were received almost every day from roundabout December first until well after Christmas day. We received lots of holiday cards. Mama had a red-and-white, bought-at-the-store string on which new cards were hung with tiny little red plastic clothespins. Each day a new card came in, it was read, oohed-and-ahhed over, the sender was checked off on the card list, and then the card was pinned up on the string. This string had been placed above the fireplace early in the process, and it allowed for each card to be enjoyed for the duration of the holiday period. I think those holiday Christmas cards were my favorite part of the season. I loved that string and the cute little plastic clothespins. I had one of my own, when my kids were growing up.

What are your memories of holiday traditions? Do you, as an adult, carry them on now that you’re grown? Bring those fantastic recollections into your child’s life . . . they’ll thank you for it, and love being able to continue them as part of their family ritual.

By: LJ Alexander

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LJ Alexander enjoyed the entertainment scene of the ‘seventies. After doing the hustle, watching the Mod Squad, and listening to the Monkees and the Herman’s Hermits on her
Duster’s car radio, El Jay grew up to interview and write about the people who engaged her imagination . . . those entertainers. These days, she sometimes does the entertaining herself through her own writing. A good print company is essential for her business, and El Jay uses . El Jay appreciates all the reprints, as long as this bio box is included.

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