gangster costumes – 7 Hot Men’s and Boy’s Movie Costumes For Halloween 2009

Which costumes will be hot during Halloween 2009? Here is a list of 7 costumes which I predict will be white hot for men and boys.

Logan Wolverine Costumes — Why it’s hot — the release of the prequel X-Men Wolverine movie has made Wolverine a hot costume this year. However it is not the number one costume of the year, because of its early release in May. While it’s still will be a popular costume, this Halloween, it won’t be as popular as new costumes.

What’s available — The Wolverine costume from the X-Men comic book looks nothing like the movie costume. If you choose the comic book costume, look for a yellow Lycra muscle — suit with a helm with black pointy ears.

The new Logan costume is motorcycle leather with a weak styled after the main character.

Both costumes will meet the claws which are available at most costume shops.

Star Trek Costumes — Why it’s hot — Another movie prequel release this year, this time featuring the original Star Trek characters with new faces. The costumes are basically the same may be a little sleeker and available at every costume shop online.

What’s available — Star Trek shirts in Lycra yellow and blue with emblems on the corner. You can find Lycra black Lycra pants at any yoga shop.

Inglourious Basterds Costumes – Why it’s hot — Brad Pitt and Quinton Tarantino make an incredible team. Bloody battle and clarity are sure to rock this film.

What’s available — While not many costumes have been available for the 1940s G.I., there are still army uniforms available in the style. Look for the green woolen type of uniform.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Costumes — why it’s hot — the new G.I. Joe hero is a black leather jumpsuit clad soldier with mad skills. The release of this film in the summer of 2009 will put this costume in the forefront.

What’s available — Look for motorcycle leather jumpsuits, all in black. While no official costume has been released, I expect these will populate the costume shops before October.

Transformers — Why it’s hot — the sequel to the smash hit Transformers will be released during the summer. Expect a high popularity of the transformer costumes in the fall.

What’s available — Bumblebee costume, Optus Prime, Megatron and Jazz are all available costumes for this wildly popular film.

Public Enemies Costumes — the 1930s gangsters are coming back with a bang. Johnny Depp stars as old-time gangster John Dillon. This period in history has always had a certain glamour associated with it.

What’s available — there are plenty of use use and gangster costumes available with toy Tommy guns. Stick with the black-and-white pinstripe suits and stay away from the zoot suits.

Harry Potter Costumes — Yes Harry Potter costumes will be back in vogue for 2009 Halloween The release of Harry Potter and th Half Blood Prince will skyrocket this costume’s popularity. Expect a surge in popularity with Harry Potter costumes, and Ron Weasley, Draco, Hermione, Hagrid and the bunch.

What’s available — Gryiffindor and Slitherin robes, Harry Potter glasses and wands, and especially the Quidditch robes as this year they will play a central role with Ron as well as Harry.

Where the Wild Things Are Costumes – While the movie is not officially released until the fall, expect the costumes and Halloween searches to begin early. These costumes are gonna be white hot for Halloween 2009

Do you want to dress up as a gangster this Halloween and look realistic? Here are some tips that can help you to choose the right gangster costume for you.

The History

Some knowledge of history never hurt anyone. Before you dress up as a gangster, you may want to get an idea of what they actually are, so you can play the part in a more realistic manner. Back at the height of the Prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s, gangsters led a movement of organized crime and selling of goods that were considered illegal in those times. The syndicates were established in some of the major cities of the United States, including Chicago and New York. In those times, gangsters were some of the best dressed people in society. Some of the most popular gangsters include Bugsy Malone and Al Capone.

The Gangster Outfit

The pinstripe suit screams classic gangster. Pick a double-breasted pinstripe suit that is either dark gray or black with stripes that are white or light gray. The suit should be fitted and suited to your body. For men, pinstripe pants will work; for women, it is better to get a tight pinstripe pencil skirt instead. Under the suit, wear a button-down dress. Choose one made of either cotton or silk, in either purple or black. Next, wear a matching tie with a similar fabric. For the shoes, black wingtips made of leather are ideal for men, while black pumps are best for women. Finally, complete the gangster costume with a felt fedora hat, in either classic black or white. Make sure it matches the rest of your gangster costume.

The Hair and Make-up

A classic gangster looks polished and clean. For the hair, slick your hair back and make it shiny. Use either pomade or gel to fix it and give it a real gangster look. For women, they can also wear it away from their faces. Another option is to leave their mane down, but make sure there are small, sexy waves in it. Keep your make-up simple by wearing minimal. A little dark eyeliner for your eyes and some bright red lipstick will do.

The Gangster Costume Accessories

Accessories can make or break your gangster costume. Put a white silk handkerchief in your suit’s breast pocket. Also carry around with you a gold chain pocket watch. For women, be flashy with large diamond jewelry. You can also wear some silk or fishnet stockings for that gangster moll look. Men should also wear a holster on their shoulder, while women are better off with a garter on their leg. Here you can put your fake pistol. You may also opt to carry a Tommy gun instead, or bring both. Since gangsters sold illegal alcohol in those times, you can complete your look by bringing with you a flask or alcohol bottle.

The Attitude

Being a gangster involves living a life that is full of excitement and danger. When wearing a gangster costume, make sure that you also bring with you the right attitude. Wear a proud stance and always keep your chin up while walking, to let people know not to mess with you. Another good idea is to come as a group of gangsters, and keep together, to appear like real Mafia.

For people who live on the edge and want to dress dangerously, the gangster costume is definitely for you!

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