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Easy Halloween Costumes

Hmmm so what do you do when you suddenly remember a Halloween invitation and have no preparations of costumes and accessories? You won’t believe but hundreds of people face this same problem and still they easily manage to dress up like a perfect during the party. You are too are welcome here buddy for making your Halloween amazing and amusing! 

The very definition of an easy Halloween costume is one that isn’t going to cost a lot of money or cause a lot of stress. This could be a simple as going as yourself by wearing what you would wear on a typical night at home. “Who are you supposed to be?” you’ll be asked to which you can reply, “I’m me.” If you’re the type of guy who never dresses up then dusting off your suit and wearing that would be a great surprise. Or perhaps you’ve been a bridesmaid and were forced to wear a hideous dress. That would be a laughable and easy Halloween costume provided the bride won’t be at the party! 

Among the other easy Halloween costumes is your perennial sheet-over-the-head-ghost. You can opt for the classic white sheet ghost but think outside of the box. A purple sheet could mean you’re Prince’s ghost. A floral printed sheet could mean you’re a flamboyant ghost. You can be an eco-friendly ghost with a green sheet or ghost of your childhood past with a superhero printed sheet. Of course you can use that same sheet theme and with a little readjustment use it as a toga. Anybody remember toga parties?  How many sheets were ruined for those?! 

One of the other Halloween costume idea for celebrating your sudden party is always found in your spouse’s closet. Yup you can raid her closet and get all the different looking clothes of silk and bizarre to wear in the Halloween party. I must say you can create some great costumes out of it. 

You can also use a black t-shirt as a blank canvas to create an easy Halloween costume. Try hot gluing empty plastic bottles to the shirt and go as your recycle bin. Or duct tape your newspapers for the same affect. You could put an empty moving box over your head and go as an empty moving box. Are you sensing the pattern here? 

So even if you are not having time for going for the above last minute options then the best thing is to wear the last minute slap of the costume. The last minute slap of the costume means the last minute costume that you are able to grab before the party starts. I am sure that you are not going to win the contest but for sure you are going to make more fun for enjoying the party in an unaffordable way! For sure some people who are wearing the expensive costumes might have to return them back after the party with the charge but you are easily going to dump in into a bin without worrying about dollars!

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