Dressing Up In 50s Costumes

The 50s style and clothes led the way into people becoming able to communicate on their own in which they wore. Quite a few of the old tips which based on your class, work or gender meant you only wore the same garments was slowly being erased.  Listed below we could glimpse into the various trends to the 50s trend to assist in getting an idea of what 50s fancy dress outfits should make~ you look and feel the part.

The most iconic change was that the industry had custom made and branded labels and collections. The first was Christian Dior in 1953 and with the introduction of the princess line made this designer the without doubt the most sought. Doing so afterwards led the way for the A-line dresses which we even now see today. Chanel also turned up in the 50s building a big issue to the Dior Label. The issue arrived in the form of a ladies outfit, with a collarless jacket teamed with a skirt which went simply below the knees. There were also the film icons that helped to show off these fashions and inspire girls and men alike to aspire and replicate them. For a girl it is Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly and for men Frank Sinatra and James Dean.

For woman they were all about glamour and seeking expensive, the finest way to show this was by sporting fur. Doing so offered a symbol of status, though for the 50s fancy dress costume you may not want to wear real fur, you could opt for imitation if you’re brave enough! Silky smooth was additionally widely applied to generate varieties of clothes for both men and ladies.

However due to the war it even now meant that in the 50s, years later most items had been far too expensive for the lower classes.

The 50s additionally bought the need to start acquiring accessories to clothes and the primary item during this time was feathers, worn in the hair, or pinned onto clothing, large or modest it added that additional touch of finesse to a girl’s outfit. Stylish long knee length coats also made an look for lady to wear rather than sporting the traditional shawls.

The most recognisable trend that is a lot more frequently employed for a 50s fancy dress costume, is that of the reduced waist flared skirt and big petticoats flowing underneath. These skirts or attire came in a lot of bright colors, with poker dots, stripes or abstract shapes, teamed with off the shoulder, sleeveless and blouse tops, pop socks and loafer or low heeled footwear made their mark. The 50s also saw the acceptance of women sporting trousers and also jeans. With the big beehives and stylish attire the lady have been undoubtedly beginning to generate an impact.

For men the fashions were much more streamlined and structured in yellow colours following the icons from the movies. The more recognisable objects which the men of the 50s wore had been the tailor-made suit, the tweed style sports jackets, cardigans or to add a bit of color the Teddy boy jacket. When wearing a suit it is desirable to gear up with the fedora hat, which was worn religiously for some.

At the other end of the scale there was also the trend to wear denim jeans, white t-shirt and a black leather jacket motivated by James Dean. Movies like Guys and Dolls and West Side Storye controlled fashions, casual trousers teamed with rolled up or polo tee shirts and loafer footwear made men’s clothing much more casual yet still becoming stylish.

To get that 50s fancy dress costume right, there are a lot of suggestions to select from for both men and ladies, and there are a lot of places to get inspiration. Picture searches online, classic stores which are re-creating these styles and fancy dress costume retailers both on the high street or online could assist you to determine which is best for you

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