Costume Hats Are A Great Deal Of Fun Any Time Of The Year

All throughout history, there are many costume hats. Obviously, these costume hats don’t remain as accessories but as a reminder of the very persons or things that gave them meaning in history.

Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat Owns the Most Popular Costume Hat

Dr. Suess is popular for his kid’s books. One of it is the “Cat in the Hat”.  This story is very remarkable for almost every kid in the world and it is not just due to the cat himself however including his hat. The cat’s hat is among the world’s most popular costume hats. It is a tall, red and white striped chimney hat. On the 2nd of March, almost all primary schools allow their kids make their own various colored chimney style hat. This is their method of commemorating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and a specific method of remembering his contributions to education and also to children who’re learning how to read. The 1st week of March is dedicated to Dr. Seuss and his literary pieces. In other schools, they commemorate his birthday by giving costume hats together with a breakfast of “Green Eggs as well as Ham” (one more of Dr. Seuss’s most famous works) to younger classes.

Color Nor Shape Do not Matter, As long as It is the Court Jester’s Costume Hat

The Jester’s Hat from the medieval times is another one of those famous hats. These have become so famous that until now, these appears in ski caps, party hats as well as costume hats for Halloween.  Jester hats aren’t only widely used on Halloween but throughout the winter season also. On winter seasons, you could really see different versions of jester hats worn by those skiing on mountain slopes all over the world.

Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow Made His Pirate Hat an Instant Celebrity

Whilst Pirates of the Caribbean hit the big screens, this gave rise to the reputation of Johnny Depp’s character, Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. However aside from the character, the movie also made the pirate costume and the brown leather costume hat more famous than ever. Children loved the hat and that’s why this hat has become the perfect pirate attire when they thought of playing pirate games.

Hats would always be a part of this country. Where it’s Jackie O’s popular pillbox hats, Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate hat or the tall chimney pipe red as well as white striped costume hat of the “Cat in the Hat”, hats will always have a special place in the hearts of all people living in this country.

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