Cinderella Prom Dresses – Every Girl’s Dream Dress

It must be every girls dream to doh up as their favourite fairytale character and recreate that adorable Princess look at their prom by erosion stunning and unforgettable Cinderella prom dresses, never before has a UK trend taken off so well as the prom. Although the US has been holding proms for their last year at school students for as long as I can remember it has never been deemed important over here in the UK.

Times have now changed for the better with students demanding their chance at stuffing from head to toe in the finest gowns to celebrate one of the superlative changes in their lives. This has made the demand for Cinderella prom dresses and as the designs become more and more lavish the more girls are wanting them.

Even from a very young age girls like to dress up and they especially like to wear big overflowing dresses and this stays with them right up till their wedding day but now with the prom they get another chance to recreate the Cinderella look.

Proms wherever thought to originate in the Victorian era when the younger generation was introduced in to the high society community. These parties where very lavish and the girls were dressed from head to toe in fine Cinderella prom dresses for the most part made from sporting silk. The party back then was known as a promenade as the new society members were paraded most the party to meet the older members.

The US kept this tradition on but cut the name short to prom and rather of just the higher society holding the parties every school would hold one for their last year students. The only part of the Victorian party that was up held was the Cinderella prom dresses and the formality of the event. 

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