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Cheap and Best Halloween Costumes for 2010

We are advancing to the time when we need to find out the best Halloween costumes for the season. Can you exploit any recent event for the same? It can be a killer movie, a prominent politician, or a dead celebrity! You can parody any social movement, idea or concept that you think as the best Halloween costume of the season from your viewpoint. 

Don’t worry! Be sure that one and all of the above will go like hotcakes for the season. Certainly, big movies as always can be a parody for this. Recent celebrity deaths also can be considered. In fact, the biggest celebrity death of the decade has happened during the summer. Yea, politicians shan’t be ignored to parody of. Strangely enough our current president is bestowed with windsock-sized ears, which is a perfect parody to pick out as the best Halloween costumes out of that.     

The key when coming up with the best halloween costumes is to stay current to the trends and to be aware of what your audience is. The best halloween costumes won’t just appeal to you, they’ll appeal to the people you’re going to a party with. Or going to the bars with, or to the parade, or whever you happen to be going this Halloween. It’s important to know what people will expect, and then meet, fall short of, or exceed those expectations as you see fit. 

My girlfriend is actually expert at this. Ten years ago she went as JonBenet Ramsay to a party a drag queen bar. It was great times for her, since the drag queens all “got” her costume from the get go (the “Little Miss Colorado” sash certainly helped) and she became the star of the party. 

Certainly, it might be some sort sick and “bad in taste”, which I believe akin to “black humor”, yet your mileage may differ. I meant it as ‘getting’ the crowd; anyway. Can you get away with something going as a recently deceased child to a more dignified or traditional Halloween party as a dark? Unquestioningly, drag queens always go for a little sick humor.       

The old stand-bys are always good ones to work with as well, provided you can be a bit creative. Go as a traditional witch, but put on a Hillary Clinton or Condoleeza Rice mask to complete it. Go as a ghoul with a Dick Cheney mask. Mix it up a bit, and you’ll find yourself with a list of the best halloween costumes to pick from.

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