bio hazard4 Wii edition (leon’s gangsta outfit)

leon’s gangsta outfit on WII version

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12 Responses to “bio hazard4 Wii edition (leon’s gangsta outfit)”

  • TragicTravman says:

    awsome, how do you unlock it ?

  • iamiko0823 says:

    using the TV Card.

  • al64inthedark says:

    what ? No real time cutscene ?

  • iamiko0823 says:

    only leon’s gangsta cutscne not real time .

  • HoodboyTails says:

    I can’t believe Capcom would screw us over like this..Im tired of this shit. as much as I love RE4 im not buying this. thanks for showing Capcoms laziness though. 5/5

  • al64inthedark says:

    hmmm…did you mean that when you are wearing the gangsta costume, he wear the original suit, or that when he got his gansta costume, the cutscene are simple videos ?! I thinks the reason is that the model is most detailed during the cutscene and they’re lazy enough to don’t create detailed gangsta suit especially for Wii. Can you confirm that any cutscene is video but real time even without the gangsta suit please ? Anyway it’s plain stupid from Capcom. PS :Sorry for my english

  • HoodboyTails says:

    if the cutscene were real time, he would still be wearing the gangsta suit, it wouldnt have switched to his original costume

  • kain1980 says:

    Mi sembra strano….non è che è censurato pure il costume? Su PS2 eppure non si vede nemmeno prima di entrare in casa, qua sì invece….qualcosa vorrà dire. Secondo me la versione USA e PAL avranno il costume nei filmati, ma qua no….mi chiedo a che pro censurare anche il costume da gangster….mah! XD

  • kazuyaum says:

    awful… btw, any chances the north american release get some extras?

    its not too late making this game worth of buying

  • CrispyTumor says:

    from 7-10 seconds leon has his mafia outfit during a cutscene.

  • residentevilfreak123 says:

    you beat seperate ways

  • Strong810 says:

    @kain1980 Anche a me fa salire i nervi il fatto che non si veda la skin da gangster di Leon. Se vedi bene all’inizio Leon è normale ma in un istante diventa col costume gangster,ma poi nell’altra scena è di nuovo normale!. Ho visto altri video dove Leon ha il costume da poliziotto e si vede anche nei filmati(wii edition no ps2),mentre quello da gangster no,vorrei sapere perché?. Forse perché il costume da gangster è troppo impegaativo da ricostruire,con il cappello e la sciarpa.

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