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Batman Costumes in the Age of the Dark Knight

Batman is one of the most iconic and beloved superheroes of the golden age of comics. Unlike Superman or Spiderman, Batmandidn’t have any extraordinary powers to give him the advantage over evildores. He wasn’t faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor did he have a spider-sense to warn him of approaching danger or give him superhuman speed, quickness and strength. All he had were his wits, his martial arts training, and his wonderful, wonderful toys. 

The present Batman is far different from the actual one. The batman costumes speak more than the character itself which has become darker and more variable in action and presentation during the course of time. His modus operandi is “chaotic good” due to his being more neutral in situations than he remained in the past.  

You can find out this in the epic “The Dark Knight” (1980) which is a comic book series by Frank Miller who successfully reimagined the Batman. Of course, Batman’s motives had not changed except that of his internal foundations. Even his costumes became darker and more menacing in looks. The Dark Knight was really dark, in the sense that he was a man of incongruities and moral ambiguities who went on changing with each passing chapter and cast off his traditional superhero image and gained totally new and unexpected look. The contrast and depth of this heroic figure has given him a smash hit in the form of The Dark Knight and the batman costume showcased the series’ success due to the change. 

Indeed, there were some successful and powerful movies that reflect the series’ success, like Tim Burton’s masterwork “Batman” (1989). In this movie the costumes of Batman, Joker and other characters are exactly mirrored what Miller had thought of in his graphic novel. The further sequels strayed batman’s costumes from the main source material which eventually turn into a parody of the original one. To cap it all, critics say that Joel Schumacher’s travesty in 1997 “Batman and Robin” proved to be the worst film ever made.     

This franchise was continued in 2005 with the advent of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins”, followed by “The Dark Knight” in 2008. These films couldn’t charm the critics and honestly speaking, they failed to be compared with Burton’s original effort. However, we can agree with that they’re an important step-up of Schumacher’s provision.  

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