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I am talking about the period when the pirates of Bluebeard’s weren’t gathering booty from His or Her Majesty’s ships, marauding riches from every nation’s fleet, they were about to pompous their riches and making merry in Caribbean seaports where other nations dared not invade. Let me tell you about the pirate dress that was reflecting the scorn for the low-surviving people making rules as they went along, often burglary from one another as possible and getting into blade fights, sometimes losing eyes and even legs in these undefined battles. When the piracy finally came to a discomfiting end with most of its part, some of its moments also started fading up with memory. The pirates are replaced today with some romanticism shades and adventurous nature. Moreover, the Halloween evening is bringing back all the faded memories of pirates alive in different costume forms. 

Taking about reality, there is real scarcity for women pirates’ costume. Moreover, there is lots of woman who want to dress up in pirate costume with romanticism excitements. 
All real pirates were splashy dressers, men and women alike. First, we’ll cover the elements that both boy’s and girl’s authentic pirate costumes have in common: The tri-cornered hat, typically black, always carried the insignia of the crossbones and skull. Men’s hats were usually much plainer than the women’s, decorated with a long feather – or two, but absent the rows of fancy laces and ribbons with which the women embellished their hats. The ordinary pirate crew members sported scarves and bandannas, instead of hats, deferring to the Captain and his ‘officers’. 

All boys and girls like you will need a sword and a couple of swashbuckling boots. Also decorate your plastic sword with all that jewels you have by fixing it with good sort of glue or stick. The more it charms, the more it will rock. 

Let us talk about some little distinction between girl’s and boy’s genuine pirate costumes. Boys have to buy an eye patch for looking like a man who has experience a battle near sea. 
Being a girl you have to design your pirate costume in a very feminine way i.e. lots of lace, brighter colors, striped off the shoulder tees, fancy jeweled belts and more elaborate hats and jackets, heavy on the lace and decorative accessories. Add all the jewelry you have to make yourself sexy women in a costume of pirates. 

Pirate men generally dressed in a simple tunic shirt, left hanging outside long breeches, with a simply cut vest, affording freedom of movement on the high seas. Female pirates wore more tightly fitting garments, designed to show off a shapely figure. A fitted bodice and vest replaces the man’s loose tunic shirt and simply cut vest. 

Anyways, real pirate costumes are really affordable to wear on the Halloween evening and the appearance of it really makes you rocks.

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