Aspects of an Authentic Sailor Moon Costume

Japan has made its mark in the world of entertainment via anime movies, manga adaptations and the like. Mangakas, or Japanese cartoon artists as they are known in the west, created the stories and drew the characters. Most of the best cartoons that we love like Pokemon and Doraemon are created first as comics by Japanese mangakas. One anime that appeals to young girls in particular is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is a fantasy series that everyone watches for various reasons. A young girl in a sailor outfit is the main heroine. This get-up is not widely seen in other regions, but in Japan, most school girls look like this. The characters of Sailor Moon are mostly magic users. Anyone who likes Japanese art and fashion would love Sailor Moon.

That girls love to costume play as Sailor Moon is not surprising. Not only will a girl love the ensemble, she can also roleplay as her favorite Sailor Moon character.

What Are the Elements of a Sailor Moon Costume?

Start with a white blouse with a sailor collar. A short skirt should match the color of the upper garment. As for the length of the skirt, it should reach the spot just above the knee. The skirt’s length is crucial to the Sailor Moon outfit because you have to show off your boots. Knee high boots are recommended but those who don’t have boots can wear socks that reach the knees and a similarly colored pair of shoes.

The sailor moon hairstyle should also be considered in the ensemble. Although a woman need not have long hair to re-create the now-famous Sailor Moon hair-do, to pony tails on both sides of the head are recommended.

Chibi Moon Variation

If you want to prettify the Sailor Moon outfit, you can go for the Sailor Chibi Moon look. Chibi moon is a character in Sailor Moon, and her costume is as flashy as her personality. The best part of choosing a chibi moon costume is that you can wear as many accessories as you want. If you’re costume playing as chibi moon, you can cut out hearts and stars as accents.

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