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There is no doubt that pirate costumes have been a first choice in the Halloween since ten years, but now the time has come to stop that and try some other costumes for the change. Actually, the pirate costumes are overkilling and should be kept aside now and opt for the other ones. Obviously, some times before one or two pirate costumes would bring a success to the party. I recall how seeing a pirate at a Halloween would make me to utter as ‘cool’. But it was the last year when I saw at least two dozen various pirates which made me think that as a ‘lame costume’. Indeed, for the worst costume at the Halloween party, there is nothing better than some pirate costumes! 

All right it is a little hard on pirate costumes and I agree that the female pirate costumes are really cool ones. However, going for some other option is a good idea for a good Halloween costume instead of picking the pirate costume.  

Nonetheless, if you stick to go for a pirate getup, here are some suggestions to make it less odious. Firstly, bear it in your mind that wearing an eye patch and talking with an argh wouldn’t make you an exact pirate. Putting in some efforts would certainly help you to get a good pirate look. Indeed, dressing up a pirate requires avoiding going over board either. Besides this, it would be over-committing to your pirate costume to employ some months ahead for allowing your facial hair grow in order to have a real goatee-look and complete with beads! It sounds a little much, isn’t it? 

At this point you might be thinking about what the next pirate costumes might be. In other words, if pirates are the old fad then what is the new one? Here are some possible costumes that will eclipse pirate costumes in popularity. For men, I have targeted a couple of different men’s costumes ideas that could catch fire over the next few years. 

First of all, I think the fighter pilot costume is a good one. It has a certain coolness to it and plenty of potential references to Top Gun. Another good possibility is Sherlock Holmes or other detective characters. Finally, consider nautical themes such as sailors or fishermen. 
To conclude, if you are picking the pirate costume, think about the abovementioned things. Trying too hard or too little won’t be feasible for the pirate costumes. However, you should not go the pirate costume trend due to their unoriginality and lameness.

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