adult gangster costumes – Six Top Reasons for Men to Wear Gangster Dress Suits for Halloween

As ZZ Top says “I don’t need a reason why”, but when it comes to gangster costumes for men there really are some great reasons to choose mens gangster Halloween costumes.

Reason Number 6: Feel the Excitement

The 1920s was a time of prosperity but also, in certain large cities, a time of danger. With prohibition came the bootlegger. With the bootlegger came entire organizations set up around criminal activity. The life of a 1920s gangster, though dangerous, had an aura of excitement about it. A part of that was the style of a gangster. Part of the mystique of the criminal element of the time was being well dressed. Unlike today’s gangster with tattoos, nose rings and “pants on the ground”, the gangsters of the Roaring Twenties showed off in gangster dress suits, hats and silk ties. It was all a part of showing how successful they were. The underlying statement being that the way they had become successful was to be dangerous. When a man dresses up in gangster costumes we can all imagine what it was like and have a bit of the that sense of danger and excitement.

Reason Number 5: Appeals to a Sense Rebellion

The bootlegger and gangster of the 1920s was often a figure of admiration. With prohibition, many had a feeling that the government was interfering with people’s personal rights. Although the criminals were certainly not giving back to the poor, there was a feeling of a Robin Hood about the whole thing because gangsters were bucking the system. Most of us have a bit of that rebellion in us. We just don’t like to be told what to do. Again, dressing up in a gangster costume allows us to take on some of that rebellious spirit.

Reason Number 4: The Availability of Gangster Costumes for Men

Men have been dressing up as prohibition era gangsters and Mafia characters more and more often in recent years. The costume industry has responded and there are now dozens of gangster Halloween costumes for men as well as gangster accessories for sale. The costumes available online are quality products but they are also surprisingly affordable. Great pains have been taken to make these costumes authentic to the 1920s fashion of the time. It’s easy and fun to choose from all the mens gangster Halloween costumes that are available today.

Reason Number 3: Sustained Popularity of Dressing Up as a Gangster

It doesn’t look as if the popularity of gangster costumes is going away any time soon. With the quality of the costumes available, a purchase of a gangster costume is a smart one because the costume can be used again. Although you may not want to look the same every year, with some variation of gangster accessories available, just a little change up can give a gangster Halloween costume a whole new look.

Reason Number 2: You Get to Look Like a Movie Star

The popularity of dressing like a gangster has a lot to do with the portrayal of gangsters in movies. From the 30′s with movie stars like James Cagney, George Raft, and Humphrey Bogart, the gangsters were well dressed. In later movies we see men like Warren Beatty in Bonnie and Clyde, Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in the Untouchables, Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed, Johnny Depp as Dillinger in Public Enemies, to name just a few. These are all good looking guys who are made to look even better in gangster suits, ties and hats.

Reason Number 1: Top Reason for a Man to Dress Like a Gangster?

Women like it! ZZ Top had something there when they said “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” It’s true. There’s something about a man in a double breasted pin striped suit, with a tie, dress shoes and a hat. For all the reasons given to wear a gangster dress suit, a woman picks up on that too. With the idea of the danger, excitement, and association with good looking movie stars, women are attracted to a man dressed in a 1920s gangster suit because those men are lookin’ good.

So men, if for no other reason that Reason Number 1, be sure to check out some of the great gangster costumes for men for this Halloween.

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For the consumer seeking original costume attire, there are some fairly amazing, sexy gangster costumes on offer. These outfits can be found quickly and for a low cost if the consumer decides to shop for an outfit online. Not only are gangster Halloween costumes unique, but they are amazingly attractive, whether they are worn by men or women.

Sexy gangster costumes for women are offered with skirts or full dresses, usually cut somewhere above the knee. These outfits are often tight fitting and snug so they look great if the female wants to show off her great physique. Some of the gangster outfits have traditional pin striping designs, and some have long, sexy slits up the side of the dress or skirt. Outfits are often sold with a necktie of some kind, the full attire, a hat and a gun holster. To further accessorize the costume, the female can get a toy gun, a garter belt, nylons, and shoes. You can even get a fake bag of money if you want to allude to the fact that you are a gangster that just robbed a bank!

Men’s sexy gangster costumes are sophisticated and sleek. These outfits also consist of pinstriped suits, button down double breasted jackets, black shirts, ties, and pin striped pants. Shoes can be purchased separately if desired, and there are some nice hats that can further accessorize one’s look. Meanwhile, toy guns, gun holsters, and fake bags of money can finish off one’s outfit too. Gangster shoe spats, zoot suit hats and toy Tommy guns really make a man look like a real gangster!

Before ordering sexy gangster costumes online, you will have to get your bodily measurements; there are sellers online that make very clear what sizes are on offer. Usually costumes are offered in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. You will want to measure your waist size, jacket size if necessary, pants size, and women need to measure breast and hip size too. Make sure the online seller has a fair return and exchange policy if you happen to get an outfit that does not fit properly the first time that you place your order and receive it.

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