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Sexy costumes and naughty lingerie is Halloween’s hottest craze with the endless variety and choices. Halloween is that very special time of year when adults may indulge themselves in their alter ego, at least publicly so they can enjoy a little fantasy and role playing. Halloween is the time to let the kid in all of us to come out and play.

Some of the most popular adult sexy Halloween costumes include belly dancer costumes, Middle and Far Eastern costumes and even Rock Star costumes. Celtic fairy is a sexy Halloween costume that combines sexy flair with mischief, a gypsy costume can be all seeing and mysterious.

Men’s pirate Halloween costume has many men looking sexy and downright hot. Greek and Roman God costumes are undoubtedly sexy, and the ever popular 20′s Gangster costumes are very sexy.

Super Hero costumes for either men or women are certainly sexy. Saving the world from disaster is very sexy, and there are so many super heroes to choose from. Even the Super Villans are sexy and are hot this year.

Couples Halloween Ccostumes are a lot of fun. He could be a wrestler and his lady is the wrestling diva, or he is the shah and the lady is a belly dancing slave girl. Accessories your outfit with a sword, whip, knee high boots, wigs or even a snake to make your adult Halloween costume authentic. Possiblities are endless, let your imagination go.

So what ever you decide to dress up as this year, be it naughty, nice or downright evil…just have fun while you play the game of love.

Happy Halloween!

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The glitzy style and exciting culture of the Roaring Twenties has fascinated every generation since. It was a time of gangsters, bootlegging, flappers and speakeasies. It’s no wonder then that the idea of throwing a 1920s gangster themed party is a popular one. So if you’re interested taking an evening to step back in time with your friends to an age of glamour and corruption, here are some easy ways to make your party a success.

Dress The Part

The swanky fashion of the 1920s is one of the main signatures of this time period, so dressing up like gangsters and flappers is a given. While there are resources on the web for making your own costumes, if you aren’t so skilled with a sewing machine then I recommend purchasing a costume. Online you can find a great selection of gangster costumes and vintage flapper dresses in all sizes and price ranges, not to mention tons of fun accessories like vintage cigarette holders and feather boas. Plus, gangster and flapper costumes are always a hit at Halloween, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth if you purchase one of these timeless costumes.

Set the Scene

When thinking about gangsters in the 1920s their infamous speakeasies come to mind. Dim the lights and have your guests enter through a back or side entrance. Require a code word to get in. (Print the code word on your invitations) For serving drinks, consider shopping at a second-hand store for some vintage, mismatched tea cups. Tea cups were sometimes used to serve drinks to hide the fact that people were drinking illegal liquor. You could download pictures of famous gangsters and movie stars of the time to hang in your speakeasy or, if you have time, shop for some art deco posters. Maybe find some red scare propaganda to scatter around. Have a bar area for snacks and drinks, then perhaps a game table for poker or even a classic board game, like Monopoly. Play some jazz.

What to Serve

Speakeasies were famous for serving bad liquor because that’s all that was available. But you could splurge and serve some nice cocktails from that time period instead, like a Manhattan or a gin fizz. Some popular foods or foods that were invented at the time include; marshmallows, peanut butter cups, Caesar salads, pretzels, chiffon pie, pineapple upside down cake and club sandwiches. Sweets and sodas in general were popular because they provided an alternative indulgence for the booze deprive citizens of the time.

Anything Else?

For the perfect finishing touch, purchase an assortment of 1920s themed props, such as flapper beads, feather boas, sequined headbands, toy tommy guns and other items commonly found in the era. Allow guests to add the items to their costumes and you’ll have lots of great photo opportunities. Consider having some friends arrive late dressed as police officers to make a bust! Other ideas include creating a murder mystery for guests to solve or teaching everyone to dance the Charleston.

Roaring twenties themed parties are tons of fun, they allow us to romanticize the past and escape our every day routine, even if only for an evening. Besides, when else do you have a valid excuse to wear a cool zoot suit or sequin and fringe flapper costume?

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