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If you love the thrill of a mysterious and unknown appearance, then dressing like a gangster is really a great idea among all. No doubt, it is not the only option one can choose, but in fact it is one of best options out there for people who like drama. You have to look smart and a full suit (from head to does) with pin stripes can help you significantly to get that look. Gangsters are often best known for their clean, expensive and sharp look, but you don’t have any need to invest on those costly suits to get the real look as there are some fancy dress stores that offer gangster fancy dress Halloween costumes at very fair price rates. As far as women’s gangster fancy costume is concerned, they can wear taut pinstripe skirt.

A fancy dress for gangsters should also have some great accessories, selection of shoes is really important, they should be white and black, expensive and stylish looking. Gangster’s look can be completed with a stylish hat; do not forget the tie and shirt as well. A black shirt with perfectly matching white tie is a most recommendable option to derive the impression of a real mobster.

Still, much is left to make your dressing special, for fancy dress party. You can take a cigar or pipe in hand to add a touch of panache in attire. Never overlook your face, a small, neat black moustache with reflecting sunglasses is an ideal compliment. Sinister mobsters live in a life full of danger and excitement, so while wearing gangster costume make sure you are bringing the right attitude to fancy dress party. Have an arrogant stance and keep chin up always while on foot to let others know not to muddle with you. Other good idea can be attending party as a squad of gangsters, keep together in order to look like “real mafia”.

Other tips for gangster fancy dress and gangster costumes

Careful selection of accessories may break or make one’s gangster costume. Put silk, white handkerchief in the front packet of suit and also carry gold chain watch. For ladies, be flamboyant with chunky diamond jewelry or wear some fishnet or silk stockings for a moll look. To leave a real impression on party guests, you can also carry around a fake gun or pistol, opt for taking Tommy gun. Since gangsters often engage in selling alcohol illegally, one can complete the costume by bringing an alcohol bottle or flask.

When it comes to hair make up, a gangster looks clean and polished. So, slick the hairs back and use either gel or pomade to make them shiny and fix at one place. This will give a real gangster appearance. Overall, the individuals who love to wear dangerously, the fancy gangster costumes are definitely for them.  


For Halloween or any costume party that you want to dress up like a real gangster, you don’t have to look any further at the amazing selection of online costumes that can be delivered right to your door. Just do your history research in order to know the famous gangsters and their costume styles. So, choose the costume carefully and enjoy the party.

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If a Gangster Halloween Costume is your choice this year, my following advice will help you pick up the best suitable gangster costume to you.

1. Study of Past Events

Why do you have to concern this? Before you decide how to decorate your gangster costume, you should have knowledge of the history when the character was born, get an idea from it and make Gangster Elite Adult Costume as realistic as possible. Gangsters were best known in 1920 and 1930s in United States. They were a crime organization who sold illegal commodities at that time. The syndicate mainly located in Chicago and Newyork. Their dress was the most popular in cities. Some famous characters involve Bugsy, Malone and Al Capone.

2. Gangsters Clothes

The pinstripe suit is the most appropriate to gangster figure. You should choose a pinstripe suit which has two-layer breast and in dark or ashy colors. Pick up the fittest one to your body. Pinstripe trousers for men, women conform to pinstripe tight skirts. Next, select a matching necktie which should be made from soft fabric. Leather shoes ideally work for men; high heeled shoes are for women. Lastly, finish the Gangster Elite Adult Costume with a black or white hat. You can choose other colors you like but consider its conformity to the remaining of the costume.

3. Hairstyle and Facial Make Up

Gangsters often looked smooth and glossy. Hair is stroked at the back and shiny. Men can use hair ointment to keep it slicked. Women who have longer hair can wear a small mane to fix it back. Make up on the face is needed. Draw impressive eyes with black eyeliner, painting luminous lips also.

4. Gangster Elite Adult Costume Adds-on

Accessories will build up a complete Gangster Elite Adult Costume. Men put white handkerchief in the chest pocket and wear a chain clock which is plated with gold gilt. He also needs to wear a riffle scabbard across his shoulder. As classic gangsters sold illegal wine, thus men should carry along a bottle of alcohol. About woman, she can dress up as a gangster moll. She decorates the costume with luxury jewelry and high silk stocks in accompany with a garter to carry small handgun.

Lastly, appear in Gangster Elite Adult Costume, you must act like a real classic gangster who is strong, frightening and dangerous. No one dares to mess with him. Be always proud of your stance and it’s great to establish a gangster syndicate like Mafia group.

Gangster Elite Adult Costume is the best pick up for bold or dare girls this Halloween.

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